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Feb 12, 2005
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my sister is coming over tomorrow where i am going to do some test pieces. she is wanting to go from blonde to brunette.
her natural haircolour is a base 7 with a lot of warmth think sandy blonde so arounde a 7/3.She has been having a full head of wella 12/89 and scattered weaved foils with alternate blondor and 9/03 for years, but has now decided she wants to go brunette. she is currently pregnant so i hope her hormones arnt making her make a decision she may regret.!! Im just worried incase she doesnt like it as her condition would not stand a reversal as it is very fine. Any way i am going to take some test pieces. i was thinking of doing some scattered caramel and toffee pieces throughout then a really warm rich brunette all over. the colours i was thinking for the foils were 7/73 and 8/03 and then a all over semi in 6/73 and a little 6/0 or matrix 6/WN . i also didnt know whether to leave some of her l blonde pieces out in the foils so she doesnt feel too dark. i was going to do a mixture of fine slices and chunky weaves in the foils. can you think of any other colours or techniques to use that would suit this particular look.
Sounds lush :) is it worth taking the all over colour slightly darker? May fade back to blonder? :S
I used 6/73 on my hair when I changed from blonde to brown and with my hair being on the finer side it came out fairly dark, dark enough, yes it did fade some but after the second application a few weeks later it stayed in longer.
I think the choices in the colours sound great, you should post a before and after picture!
Thats what i was worried about with a 6 line whether it would fade too much,but i dont want her to feel too dark. will see what the test pieces come out like. thanks ladies. anymore suggestions appreciated.x
I love being blonde and it was scary as HELL going dark but the first thing I noticed was how much shine going darker gave it. It also gave my face more colour. I think she'll love it. Even if it does fade but like paulettes, a second application could do the trick. Besides, if she then decides she prefers being on the blonder side it's not a tricky shade to lighten again. Definately post pictures :D

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