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May 14, 2005
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North West
i have put on a pre lighting blonde tonight as i had a dull red in my hair which has built up over the years,,, i put a red on 3 weeks ago but it was as dark as ever ..... the result of tonight is ginger hair with whiter roots ,,,,what i want to know is what will happen if i put a bright red colour on tomorrow will it go brighter at the roots if so how can i stop it happening ????????????:hug:
try pre pigging the roots with a copper colour that is as close as you can get it to match your ends. then apply the red to roots first and then mid lengths andf ends. it is abit hard to recommend a base colour without seeing your hair?????
Please dont try and correct this yourself, either a salon or college would be better.
wiyh you saying that you were a hair geek i thought you would be ok to do it yourself???? go to salon if you arnt hunny
what are u doing to your hair???? your defo not a hair geek are u!!!! go see a professional please!!:eek::eek::eek:

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