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Oct 17, 2007
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l've just introduced Mask colours into my salon and love the shine and condition that it leaves, but am finding that there is considerable colour fade within the first few weeks. Was wondering if anyone else uses or has had this problem, and what to do to rectify?
many thanks in advance
by chance are you applying the color on over processed hair and the color is just not able to hold on to anything? sorry I have never heard of the line
No, l have used it on virgin hair and fade has happened.
Each tube can be used as semi quasi or permanent colour, you just use different strength developers ranging from 7% up to 40% for high-lift. l'm mixing it as directed applying as directed, have even had suppliers send me out all their literature!!!
Is it an indirect dye? Colorless or cream colored until mixed with developer and processed? Or is it a blend of direct and indirect? It would come out of the tube or bottle close to the color it will be after it has been mixed with developer and processed.

If the color is a blend you should expect a significant fade after the first few shampoos as the direct (preformed) color molecule shampoos off. Generally blended colors are very shiny and vibrant, they contain little or no ammonia and don't lighten the hair significantly. Those are the advantages.

The only big disadvantage is the quick fade (which can be managed with colored shampoo and conditioners formulated for by you for your client)
Its an indirect tint But having said that the natural shades have a low ammonia formula(between 0.5%&3.6%) So your in put makes sense..thankyou. The lighter shades have a higher concentration of ammonia

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