Colouring blonde highlighted hair!


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Jan 18, 2016
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I'm doin a really fussy client today [emoji30][emoji30] she has highlighted blonde hair and is wanting balyage!

I was going to use 6/37+6.0 colour touch on the roots and mid lengths then bleach and 30vol to create the balyage and prevent the existing blonde going a dull colour!

Any advice would be appreciated! In over thibkibg and causing myself to panic!!!!
Why is this in ask a pro?

Why would you use 30vol over previously highlights hair? Doesn't she want to keep her hair?
Would you suggest 20vol? I only left it on for about 12 mins and came out lovely x
Personally I like a darker root it tends to look better and last longer, preferably a level 4/5!
I've moved this to the Hair forum. I'm guessing that you mean your client wants an ombré?

Ombré is the gradual colour change from dark to light. (Reverse ombré is light to dark)

Balayage is the technique of hair painting with a brush or other tool. You can use balayage to create subtle highlights, lowlights, ombré etc.

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