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Aug 23, 2010
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Hiya geeks, all the way through my NVQ L2 apprenticeship (and whilst I worked in a salon for a year) I was taught to apply the tint to the root then h/l or l/l and comb the rest of the tint through toward the end of the treatment. Now ive started my L3 at a differnt college my tutor has told me i must never do it this way, and that i should apply my tint, wash it off then h/l it. Just wondered if any one else colours the way i do? I always thought colouring was one of my strongest points but now feel i have been doin it wrong for the past 3years. xx
You can do what you did, apply tint to the hair roots first if it is a dark tint or if its a light tint apply to lengths first( remember if you are ligthening its lengths first as the roots are near your scalp where the warmth is)then highlight whatever bits of the hair that needs highlighting then dye the rest of the hair you put the tint on. I was taught this . You can either tint the whole hair then highlight. There is no wrong way out of those two, Whatever you feel comfortable with you should do. You should say to your tutor well I was taught this way before and I feel more comfortable doing it this way. Just think when you qualify you can decide which technique you would like to do. Hope this helps! X
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i was taught to high light first and then apply the tint to the roots and mid lengths and ends after. it saves time and is more cost effective. also the client isnt sitting there for ages waiting for the first tint to take, then wash it off, dry and then apply high/low lights, wait for the colour process to take again then wash, cut and dry...... so i think the first way is better personally. just stick to what you know.
Agree with perfection, highlight, then flood between with tint.
or what perfection says is a good one too x
Hi Lauren, I do it the same as perfection too ,
and if there's a lot of highlight work I usually stagger the peroxide levels in the bleach so the highlights are ready the same time as the tint;

But even if some highlights are ready before the tint ... you can easily wipe the bleach off with a cloth and water to halt the bleaching process .

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