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Feb 29, 2004
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hiya all

well after becoming a prem geek i decided to have a look at the "everyones a critic thread" some fantastic nails on there folks and noticed that all the nails seem to have deep smile lines.

my question is do nails HAVE to have deep smile lines for competitions?

i was thinking of entering next year (if im up to scratch), but just cannot get the deep smile lines good enough - they look like my budgie has done them, lol.

i have tried to follow the geeks tut, but still no luck

thanks guys
I'd like to add to that question - just what is the definition of the "perfect" competition nail. What exactly do the judges give points for?

One day I'd love to try this but as usual for me it's a location thing.
If you got to the premium geeks and click on articles , you will find a copy of a scoresheet.... that will tell you what judges are looking for
HTH xxxx
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