Concerns over sunbed ban


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Jun 30, 2010
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in the Shires!
Ive just been reading the The Sunbed (Regulation) Act as i own a commerical tanning booth & have come across a few concerns not the controversial ones! The jist of the bill is to include requirements for supervision, provision of information on health risks, and eye protection. (which everyone should do anyway!)

I was just wondering those in the england & wales that own regulated sunbeds/tanning booths will you be enforcing the sunbed ban for under 18's prior to the change in april 2011?

If so have you changed your policy for members that are already 16/17 and advised them that the law is changing. As i find when they add a new law the guildlines are rather borderline.
It will be illegal for under 18's & can be fined up to £20,000
I personally think this bill has some concerns, some people will be confused as & when it happens especially if they have brought courses, minutes etc what about restrictions of sales ??

What did salon owner/regulators in scoltand and other countries where this is illegal do with the change over? was it just a change in paperwork? ie consulation forms?

I think there are many factors that will come into play with this bill bar tsa & other local councils, will councils start charging for this regulators? no information has yet to be provided.

What i do find worrying is that under 16's using the coin operated salons which steamed this legisation in the first place. What are your opinions?

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