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Nov 9, 2014
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Hi Guys

I hope this is the right place to post - but - I have a certain ex towie member on snapchat... And they tried to dye their hair a certain colour and was able to obtain all the peroxide and dyes from Sally's - they do not have a hairdressing qualification (to my knowledge!)

I was under the impression that in order to by peroxide from Sally's you had to have a Sally's card / qualification?!

Ohhh and it didn't turn out right! And now they are moaning about Sally's saying how much they spent £150 and it's wrong.... Well why didn't you just go to a salon?!

Sorry, rant over, it really annoyed me the past couple of days!!!

Sally's don't seem to care who they sell hairdressing chemicals to as long as you have a trade card which you can easily obtain by completing say, a manicure course.

I'd just laugh at the type of people who waste money DIY-ing with disastrous results and then blame others for their stupidity.

I certainly wouldn't waste time feeling angry about it.
After all, you're not the one walking round looking like an idiot.

:D Hilarious
This is very true!!

He bleached 3 times on his head, the 3rd time using 12% and was wondering why it was burning... [emoji79]. It turned out identical to his original hair but had a slight tinge of grey to it [emoji81]

Slightly worrying from Sally's though given what's happened throughout the past few weeks in the world with people being able to obtain peroxide & acetone so easily to make other chemicals, they need to regulate who they sell too and limit it to only professionals, I'm sure they could change their database to programme that when items scan only products related to that professional field can be purchased - ie a beauty professional cannot buy hair dye and vice Versa! - I would assume in this instance that he borrowed a card from someone but it is concerning!

Appreciate that would be a big job and may be irritating for some but I would feel a lot better / safer!

I'm just trying to think of who it is!
It's on the daily mail website! XXXX
Haha poor Ricky!
I'd forgot all about him tbh... I thought it would be Bobby
But at least he's got a sense of humour about it!
Haha poor Ricky!
I'd forgot all about him tbh... I thought it would be Bobby
But good for him at least he's got a sense of humour about it!

Could you send me a link please? I can't seem to find it[emoji53]
I can't help but laugh... Why didn't he just go to a salon that surprises me because its not like he hasn't got any money to spare!
Innit! And most of them girls on there have salons so I'm sure he would have got mates rates! Silly boy!
Sorry I didn't know if I was allowed to name names!!!

He's gone to a salon now to get it fixed! Xx
What's the updated outcome?

We've just got/had a Sally's open in town i dread to see the sights of home jobs now!
The salon fixed it and it turned out to the grey how he wanted!! Xxxx

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