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May 27, 2010
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hi guys thinkin of doing a spray tan course but the lady has confused me she said if i learn with st20 thats the old way of spray tanning but if i learn with st50 its a different way of tanning and is much better so now im confused as what one to do please help thanks xx

The way that you are trained has nothing to do with the machine that you have picked. I train people in the exact same way weather they have the ts20 or any other machine.

Good Luck

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Sorry meant to say the machine just depends on how many tans per day you are looking at doing.
The TS20 & TS50 are both HVLP machines so the way you are taught to tan with either of them should be exactly the same, neither of them is an airbrush machine so you shouldn't be taught the airbrush method of tanning.

The difference between the 2 machines is how many tans they are capable of doing and the guns.

The TS20 is a smaller machine suitable for doing UP TO 10 tans a day. It doesn't like to do too many tans in a row and it needs 20/30 mins to cool down after tans or you risk blowing the motor and totally breaking the machine. The gun is easy enough to set when you know what your doing (and is the same gun that is on the 5008).

The TS50 is a slightly bigger machine (but still small enough to take mobile) that is capable of doing tan after tan all day long if it's needed to. It will cope easily with tanning parties of 5 or more (unlike the TS20) and the new gun has been designed with ease of adjustment for tanners in mind.

Both machines should get you a good amount of tans per litre, with very little overspray, once you have got to grips with your routine and learnt how to set it for the solution you choose to use.

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