congrats christie!


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congrats christie.....well done :salute: we salute you.

keep up the excellent work (and awsome and easy to follow tutuorials)

I would like to say congrats and tell you I was showing off your work today to my clients. It also inspired (sp) me to do some on myself. The first time I have been some what successful. I still can't do the leaves but I'll keep trying.
GOOD STUFF - boy - there are talented people out there!

Fantastic work ... if only I .... argh well, time to wake up and smell the coffee!

Go Christie!!! Go Christie!!]

in my very best Jerry Springer audience member voice
cool christie ,its about time too

you deserve it :thumbsup: :salute:
Way to go christie well done

Well done Christie -Oh queen of nail art- :salute: Any chance of someone getting the pic/article up on here so that us in little ole England can see.


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Mar 15, 2003
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I see you in Nails and I am so happy for you!!! hugs girlfriend and keep kickin it with your art!!
I saw the pic's of your nail art in Nails mag today and knew it was your art before I even saw who had done them. Congradulations on your fame, I am honored to know you, heehe. The cover inspired me to finally try the was fun, have you done any yet? Really great job, happy for you :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy:
I haven't seen the magazine yet but someone scanned the page and sent it to me. I cannot wait to hold the magazine in my hand that has my picture in it.. a career high for me! lol
Well Done Christie on your fame!

I find your 'how to's' so easy to follow. I am a newbie and I've tired to do the three on your website (in fact I've got the butterflies on my toes!) and found them simply explained, something that looks so complicated is quite easy to do once you've broken it down. Even a newbie like me has made a half decent job of them! :D

Think I will try and do some of the flowers now.

Thanks :D
So cool! And just think, we can say "We knew her when...." Congratulations!!!
Hey Christie
Well done .........I told you you should right a book on nail art........I hope that is your next big step, will be a best seller
You must feel like the cats got the cream at the mo
Take care Dawnie.
what can i say - everyone's said it already!!! :D

good for you, well done, keep up the good work. :bouncy:

I think you work is absolutely beautiful, and it's great that you share your techniques I think the book idea is fab. :study:

congrats again,

As everybody has said great stuff. A book has got to be the next step. Put me down for a few copies, signed of course.
Love Ruth xxx
what else can I say, its all been said already, I`ll put an order in for a book from you thats for sure, keep it up Christie and well done
Well done Christie, please try and find time to write the book!

Thankyou FingerNailFixer for enabling us to see it D

Keep smiling
Suey x
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