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Sharon Green

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Jun 7, 2003
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Market town in Herefordshire
I am having terrible trouble staying connected to the internet :rolleyes: Sometimes my line is dropped after only being connected for 1 minute :mad: I have windows XP, pentium 4 with internal broadband here so just the usual dial up. Anyone got any suggestions? I do get a 'pop up' in the top left of my screen that says "you have just ignored an incoming call" we don't get that many calls here and if it is urgent (usually my Mum) she uses the mobile. And sometimes the line just drops :mad:

This is really driving me mad as PC World have done a 'health check' recently and say they stayed connected for 2 hours with no problems.


You need to check with your ISP, they should have a log that may indicate if something is wrong with your account (chances are, PC World used a different dial up account)

Check with your phone company as well ........ make sure they check that your line is optimised for internet use. When we were still on dial up any little blip on the phone line used to knock us offline but this did improve some once the gain was turned up on the line by BT.
Dial up is very prone to being a little unstable & once I had reason to spend much more time on the PC the cost of upgrading to broadband was far outweighed by the frustration of getting kicked off in the middle of something important.
Check with ISP & phone service and you may be able to improve the situation to some degree but it may take upgrading to broadband to cure it totally. One of those sad situations that since companies want people to go to broadband that dial up doesn't have the vast servers it used to, nor the huge investment in improvement.

Hi there....we had this problem when we were on dial up. We usually got disconnected when someone tried to call me. I'd suggest what has been suggested previously, and check with your phone company too.....x

Thanks for all your advice I really appreciate it. I am going to see if BT will check the line for me and I will also contact I am rural Herefordshire and I understand that broadband will be here sometime in the near future.

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