Consultation forms and client record cards

I am setting myself up to be work from home as well as being mobile. I was taught to use consultation forms. I never used record cards so just a little confused about which way to go. Which one do you use or do you use both?
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Forms/cards = I have two, one completed at first appointment (consultation) and one filled in after each treatment (record). They're kept with each client's abrasives in an envelope in a locked filing cabinet. When I was mobile I pulled out the relevant envelopes each morning.


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I use a booking app which allows you to create forms and I’m the same as Trinity...consultation form completed on iPad on first appointment then I take a photo and update their record at each appointment.
I started out doing both but quickly realised mobile wasn’t for me. Too much time driving, setting up and putting away

Thank you ladies.


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My record cards have the client consultation part on the front and record card which is filled in at each appointment on the back. As I fill one up I staple another to the back to keep it all together, and like Trinity, keep them in my filing cabinet with an envelope with their nail files in. The record cards were just from my local wholesaler. They have different ones for different treatments.

I’m so confused I learned all this at college but I’ve completely forgot it all I’m just starting out my own business do you do just a consultation just once for the first time then record card after every treatment?

For some treatments like SPMU, by law, you have to do a proper consultation and keep records of all treatment. These don't have to be in hard copy but I'm a bit old school and I get clients to sign the paperwork on consultation and after each appointment. Fortunately, I've never had a dispute, reaction or client making a claim against insurance but, if the worst happened, I would be seen as being negligent if I didn't keep proper records of treatment. There's a post on the records needed for microblading on our blog page.