Cream bleach or powdered bleach


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Dec 15, 2015
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Hi all
I have been doing a lot of reasearch on the balayage technique and if your using bleach quiet a lot have said use a cream bleach to stop bleeding or swelling is this right as I don't want to use heat with the bleach so no foils. And which one would you recommend
Thanks all x
I haven't tried using a creme bleach to balayage, but can imagine it could be good as long as it wasn't too soft. Generally you want something thicker to paint with. The problem with normal powder/silica based lightener is that they dry out quickly, where as clay powder/kaolin (sunlights/artego/wella freelights/loreal freehand techniques) lighteners give a smoother consistency and don't dry out so fast. My preference is loreal platinium or redken blond icing which is more of a paste consistency, I like that I can mix it thick and it stays moist for a long time. I want to try painting with wella magma next :)

Heat is really the worst thing for balayage try and avoid it, just increase the developer strength. To prevent bleeding it's more in the application paint gently on the surface on the hair, holding the section with lots of tension so that you don't push the bleach into the hair, instead like you are icing a cake ;) cling film helps lots with isolation/lift, and cotton wool at the roots if you are painting to the scalp or lowlighting hth x
Powder because you can mix to suit wanted consistency plus it seems stronger then cream. I only use cream when a gentler effect is needed.

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