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Jan 12, 2003
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Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain
I'd love to know what others think about the Fawless Pink Powder from Creative.because I think its just Fab.
We've always been able to do Makeove Magic which was ahead of its time but THIS is like amazing becaiuse even the slightest flaws can be corrected using this awesome powder.
Short nail plates can look longer. Wide nails can look slimmer. Psoriasis sufferers can hide the condition completely.
However there is a correct technique to use it well. Technicians who wipe their brush have to stop this bad habit completely because you need the liquid in the belly of the brush to make the beads meld together with no marbeling and no lines.
Even when a person has uneven nailplates i.e. some long and some short, this can be corrected so that they all look even.
The push and pull technique of application is essential here if you need to add an extra bead in zone 3.
It may appear to be too opaque as you create the nail, but once you add the SolarOil, the enahancement is transformed to look less opaque.
Even the stain from a bacterial infection can be successfully hidden using this amazing powder.
I am using gigi's computer tonight but this mesage is from Jo Carlisle.
BIG FAT KISSES from sunny Spain. Love JO
hiya jo!
long time no speak!!
ru going to b at regionals nxt month?
as 4 the flawless pink... it's my life saver!
i've had to improvise with mixing all sorts of colours to extend my short nail beds
over the years
it is definately a discipline on whether your mix ratio is correct, as you said it makes u work v. carefully.
it looks gorgeous mixed with twilight, very creamy.
happy sculpting!
liza xx
i think once i have practised some more with gettig it right it will be my life saver as some times people with small nail beds ask why can they see their free edge ,and no matter how many times you explain ,that this is because their nail bed is too small, they will see someone elses nails [always a person with long beds or perfect nails]and ask why are mine not like that .i just need to get it right .i think its a fab powder thoughxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;)
Hi Jo
How are you luvie, i found your e-mail ad in my drawer this week, i thought, must get in touch to see how you are?Anyway , i hope you are well... nice to hear its sunny in Spain as its been snowing here.Hope to see you at regs....send big hugs to,Katrina kneebone xxxxx
By the way flawless pink is fab.
This is me this time :lol:

Just an observation .... when Flawless Pink Powder first hit the shelves, many nail technicians (even loyal Creative users) screamed over the web sites of the world, "What a crap powder!! It doesn't work! It marbelizes!! Creative have brought out a dud product!! etc etc.

It just goes to show (for the millionth time) You NEVER stop learning .... and the techniques that work with one thing don't necessarily work with another. Such arrogance always amazes me that people can make statements like this when they've only tried something once ... ??

I got some marbelizing the first time I used the powder and my first thought was .... oh, I must not be using it right! I changed a few things and got it right in 2 or 3 goes using it on some tips.

It is a superb powder and now I can really excercise my talent doing some beautiful makeovers on some less than perfect nails.
Havent been on site for a while but have just used the Flawless Powder after talking to Tracey L at Loughton last week about it. I'd had so many calls to the Academy asking why it was "opaque" that I had to find out for myself. Apparently I'm the perfect candidate for using Flawless - flat nail beds, bad psorasis mixed with fluctuating hormones!!!!

Anyway, have just spent the last hour or so putting a new set of nails on (after they all fell off due to the aforementioned hormones!!) and WOW what a difference!!!

Can DEFINATELY recommend this product to anybody who has clients with less than perfect nails - mine have never looked so good!



i had a go with the flawless and made a pigs ear off until diane showed me how to use it properly... Its a fab product very good for canibals...
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