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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
Just wondered how the land lies with regards to the creative manicure and pedicure courses. I was keen to go forth and do the manicure conversion followed in future months by the pedicure, however it has been mentioned that you are not allowed to do this unless you have done the acrylic conversion with creative.

I am NVQ trained and did all my manicure pedicure amongst other treatments over 8 years ago, so am fully experienced and aware of how to do this so would this mean I still have to do the acrylic conversion before doing the manicure conversion and pedicure?

Any information on this would be great

Grace x
You have been misinformed ... People love to make it sound like it's easier to get into MI5 than to buy Creative :p

All they insist on is that one has a qualification for manicure and pedicure in order to be able to purchase SpaMan and SpaPed products ... a reasonable request don't you think? No different to any other professional beauty company selling 'professional only' products.

You have these qualifications so there will be no problem for you at all.
Thanks geeg, must admit had to laugh when you state others make it sound like its easier to get into MI5, have to admit I was begining to wonder, lol.

Groovey I can now go ahead and go for the conversion manicure then and look forward to taking more conversion courses.

Once again thank you
Grace x
As I always say, if you want the right answer, 'get it from the horses mouth' so to speak. :D
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