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Dec 20, 2010
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Does anybody know anything about the new cnd nail polish that is coming out in April?
Just had a look at this on line.
Can't see the point??
It needs base and top coat but still needs acetone to remove it. Still 7+ day polish.
Why would I stock this when I have vinylux ?
What is its USP? Low retail price?
Would love to be enlightened as to where the gap in the mArket is for this product, cnd wouldn't spend money on it unless there is one!!
I think its aimed at the younger market. I know my older ladies and friends are happy to part with £9.95 for a Vinylux but most youngsters I know wont. They want cheap & cheerful (not that CND is either but you get what I mean!) What with the marketing stating about being changed often (again- only my older ladies want a manicure that lasts a week) and all the funky finishes it seems to be a totally different market to Vinylux.

My first thoughts when I saw photos of them were that the bottles looked like Boots 17 brand (or even that cheap teenage brand that Avon do!) but having seen them in a vid and seen how big the bottles are I have changed my mind a lot & think they look lush!

So, yeah, I think slightly cheaper price point and aimed at the young 'uns :)
Thanks minkeybox - I thought this might be the marketing aim.
Anyone know what the retail price will be?
I'd like to think half the price of Vinylux, but doubt they will be lol!

I'd guess £6.99ish? the same as a good teenage High Street brand? Anymore and I think it will be too simular to Vinylux xx
I can see it selling well in large salons (especially hair salons) next to the counter as an impulse buy.....if they get the price right!
Will these have shellac matches do you guys know? X
No. The colours do not match up with vinylux or shellac colours.
All the details (except RRP) are on the cnd website

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