Creative polish with ball bearings in, why please?


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May 12, 2006
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Hi,my friend gave me a creative polish as hse knows i use them it's
Pucker Up *379 with bearings in.
Its like a strawberry clear top coat really not alot of colour in it.
Has anyone used this for a top coat or what for? also why do you have bearings in polish {hope its not a stupid question but would like to know}

Thanks zena x
Bottle which contain a ball bearing is for fast and easy mixing of the polish.

x x
Most professional nail enamels including CND are that they become more fluid when agitated. The ball bearings assist in this.
Remember not to shake the bottle though, rolling between your hands will be enough to agitate the enamel without causing air bubbles. hth
Aww i see now thanks alot, why do only some have them in then and not all of them?
I think they are in them just don't see them in the more opaque colours.
Really i will be trying to look in them all now lol my hubby will think im going mad he he.
Thanks for clearing this up for me x
pmsl, ive just been doing the same, i can clearly see them in my 'limelight' polish but never noticed them in the two dark colours i have, been peering into them for 10 mins now , see if theyve got em too

well once again , ive learnt something new, thixotropic eh, wow im gonna add that one to my dictionary

thanks zena for asking and thanks Izz for answering:hug:
ooooh yes i can see them now lol thanks x
Would you use this topcoat if you was doing an american manicure?

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