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obviously a break down of communication there... email me at [email protected] and remind me - I will let them know 2morrow - they are definitely on their way...they may even be in by now!!! PROMISE!! 8)
I tried to order two of these today from Leeds and was told that none was available as they were promotional items???

Are they definately on their way Mrs Geek?

Did my SpaPedicure course last week and I definately want to get one for me and my friend who was on the course.

Can you please help???

Jue :(
Ill definatley be ordering one hope im not to late!!

Cristine :)
I enquired about these today BN and was told to ring back next week and I would be given a date when they come in.

Cant wait for those either want all of them except the Gingerbread Scentsations dont like ginger :puke:

Jue ;)
Thanks for such a quick reply Sam, I have emailed you.

Jue ;)
beautifulnails03 said:
(what was really embarrising was that I called you Mrs Geek on the phone and had to quickly change it to Samantha! :oops: :D )

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: THAT is hysterical... I can't wait to ask Denise bless her... actually I don't mind that at all :oops: I think it's rather lovely!!! ;)
Well I called Leeds on Friday to see if they were in, Denise wasn't aware they were coming but I told her that you (Mrs Geek) said they were on order, so she said that they would be on the next delivery in that case which is soon! (what was really embarrising was that I called you Mrs Geek on the phone and had to quickly change it to Samantha! :oops: :D )

Yippee! I also saw in Scratch that the small Solar Butters are in for Christmas! Yay! I will be stocking up on them aswell! (P.S are thjey in soon or nearer to Christmas?)
Mrs Gadget said:
Cant wait for those either want all of them except the Gingerbread Scentsations dont like ginger :puke:

Jue ;)

The gingerbread is gorgeous it's my favourite of them all but then maybe not if you don't like ginger lol
cor i cant wait!!!!

i am gonna book one of these aprons!!!!

Oh good! :) :D

I have to agree on the Ginger, out of all the Scentsations I knew I would one day find one that didn't agree with me and that is the one.

The rest of them are delicious, and I know some people really like the ginger, but I have a thing against anything too spicy and that one is a little too strong for me, as Cinammon would be if there was one! :D

However, I think the Cranberry is perfect for Christmas and so is the Vanilla, very nice, not too strong or spicy, so I will be stocking up on the Geeky Snowman! :D
Believe me it was embarrasing, I was stuttering like Gareth Gates because I couldn't figure out which one I should address you as! :oops: I giggle now, but it was definatley one of those " :beam: ground eat me up" :beam: moments!
Well I love it............It reminds me of!!!!!!! Christmas, the smell of fresh biccies coming out of the oven.............a warm nice comforting smell, a nice warming lotion..............the fruity ones I find are get up and go smells, but this is chill out relax and have a baileys glide smell.............

Ahhhhhhhhhhh and ginger is good for ya..........Faye loves it too, helps her with her mornning sickness bless...never kenw a lotion could do that lol................

They went like Hot Cakes yesterday bless, but at least Faye, Caroline, Amanda and I got ours before they had all gone!!!!!!
love Ruth xxxxx
Hmmmm, getting your words mixed up like that, just how many Baileys Glides have you had tonight Ruth? :D (By the way, that is my new favourite drink! How yummy are they! Imagine if there was a Baileys Scentsation! I would eat my own arm! :D )
Ment to say Baileys glide moment, you know the one..........chill out, smell nice and a smooth drink at hand................. My kind of aromatherapy internal and external

love Ruth xxxxxxxxx

Mrs Geek

Sweet Heart
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Jan 11, 2003
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Dear All,
I can't remember who asked me about this but I thought I would let anyone interested know, that 300 Creative Spa Aprons will be arriving by air, the first week of November!!! :thumbsup: I sorted it - yehhh!!! ;)
Wow! You are a true Super Star!

I am going to make sure I get some so that I look nice and professional in my new shop next year!

Yay! (P.S, it was me that asked!)

I am so happy! Thank you very much! :D :D
hi samantha

i will also be ordering one they look so professional hope they still have some left when i ring i know they are very popular
yay!! :D me too they look fab 8) can we pre order them or will they only except orders once they arrive? thanks hun :D nickki jones
YOU could try pre-ordering but I'm not sure if we do that :? Glad you are all pleased... I for one am thrilled, they are so cool and lots of teks wear black but they like the apron over their black outfits to keep the dust off - you still have that professional look!!! Yee haaa :!: :!: ;)
gonna give it a whirl dont want to miss out!! :D waited an age to get me mitts on one they are so cool 8)
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