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Jun 8, 2003
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Hi everyone,
Use Bio-sculpture gel at the moment and get on well with the product but would like to offer acrylic nails as well. Have trained on acrylic but the training was very vague, and only did the nails on 2 fingers at the college and that was it! Haven't mastered the ratio and couldn't do a set on a paying client as I am not confident enough with the products. Could I have your opinions on acrylic training through Creative? Desperately want to train again but want to make sure I go down the right route this time!

I have done a few training courses and still felt a complete novice until I found creative. Its a great product and great teaching too. Small and intimate class and a great day or days out.
Have my test day on Thursday though and very nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Deb
Good luck for Thursday hope all goes well :D
What training courses did you do prior to creative and what creative courses have you done............sorry for being so nosy its just that I am looking into additional courses myself.
Cheers me dear
Dawnie xx
I think Creative is the way to go.
You cant go wrong in my opinion, from what I know and heard anyway.
The products are A+++++ and so is the training.

Won the Best Educator Award, so that speaks for itself.

Debs, I am sure you will be fab on the day, good luck.

Love Ruth xxxx
Thanks for your well wishes, as long as I wear me incontinence panties I`ll be fine.
In answer to your question about my training Dawnie, I did a fibreglass and dip in acrylic system with the edge. Gel training with a small private training school. Beauty Therapy 1&2 at college and VTCT in nail technology at college and I still know nuffink.
Thank god for creative, if I pass it`ll be a miracle. My Daughter is my model and she has lost 4 nails already, they may not be enough to do infills on. It`ll be the end of the world if I don`t pass
Good luck for Thursday Debbie :D I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with Creative, just got to get course details etc. Thanks for the advice!
Just want to wish you good luck for thursday.
You will pass with flying colours. Let us know how you got on.

Good Luck to morrow Debs!
Thanks everyone, getting more nervous by the minute now, model only has 5 nails left on too. If I get there and they say its not enough to work on I`ll be gutted, she is the only model I could get (my daughter) and she is the worst client in the world. I`ve been on her back all the time to look after them and to have that many is an achievement for her but she`s not doing anything for my nerves.
Good luck Debbie :) ;) How come your model has to have nails on to start with though? And out of curiosity (with being quite a new tech myself!) how long ago did you do her nails and how long have you been doing nails yourself? Also, if you're daughter is a young teenager like mine do you find that they're very rough with their nails? Sorry about all the questions :?

Saffirez (my fellow Bio Sculpture tech! ;) ) - don't know how long since you trained with Bio Sculpture but I do know that to do any conversion course with Creative you have to have been trained with someone else for 1 year (some exceptions to the rule I think but it certainly doesn't include Star Nails who I did a total technician course with! :( )
Hi nails at home

Will do a foundation course with creative as I am not confident at all with acrylic, so would rather start again from scratch. Love bio-sculpture, but some clients need a stronger nail. How do you find them?
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