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hi all

well ive tried my new try me kit but having mega probs!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW wet does it have to be?????????? ive tried and tried but it is setting SO FAST. help me pleeeeeeeeese
Wot I say my not b 100% correct but it works for me at the mo!

I use quite a small brush, soak in the retention + liquid remove the excess twice on my dappen dish then hold the brush in the powder for two seconds. This routine seems to be working for me. When I get my bead I like to press in onto the nail quite firmly then wait 2 seconds before patting it into place.

I sometime find it easier to use more than just three balls of product.
Hope what I say helps you.
you need a medium wet consistency it will look like an orange peel, a common trick here is to pick up the bead and say going, going, gone...if there is still powder then too dry if it absorbed to quickly too wet. My advice is to see it done in person or do something with a tech hands on, that helped me the most!
Fingernail Fixer is right.

Go to the show and see how it is done or attend a class which is designed to teach you these things.

Retention+ is actually a slow set Liquid and Powder so you must be working way too dry.

The bead should have the appearance of wet sugar when correctly mixed. Press on the nail and wait until it changes to a glassy appearance and then start to press and smooth into place.

If the product is at all difficult to work, then the mix is off.
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