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Jul 17, 2003
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Hi all
l have read alot of excited posts about creative, and read alot in mags etc. what is it about the products that is loved so much. l am in two minds who to do training with next so help me make up my mind, what are the courses like? very informative or just the basics. do you have to have a qualification for the conversion courses. thanks peeps. Theresa
Hi ya

It would be cool if you join the Creative Crew.

I love their products because they work for me and my customers, The training is fantastic and it is a recoqnised company worldwide.

People love Creative because they are the best and want the best.


Creative Nails design Tech :D :D :D :D

I am a Creative enthusiast. I spent ages deciding where to train, and changed my mind many times. Having contacted ANT Association of Nail Technicians and looked at prizes (Creative won an award for best industry training) I decided I wanted the best! And I got it.

I did train with another company for Manicure, before I found the Creative, they were fine, nice person, but not inspiring. Creative are great, the course is intense, the products great and the support phenomenol!!!! :D

Go for it!
I have just come back from ExCEL. My reason for going was primarily to look at all the different liquid and powder systems. I trained with an ANT satellite assesment centre, so my training was not product based.

at the show I had different products put on each nail and watched carefully how each product was applied. I also talked to the demonstrators about their methods, tools, training etc.

On balance the new star performance, cetuem, EZflow and Creative systems all gave the best appearance on the day as far as clarity, air bubbles, etc. is concerned (even one of the creative team agreed with this) HOWEVER the confidence, tricks of the trade, gentleness of application, speed of application and overall image & shape was far superior by Amanda of the creative team. Her methods made sense to me, as a newbie tech.

I will definitely be saving up to do creative training. I learned so much from the creative demos at the show and even from Amanda on just the one nail she put on me.

Some of the other companies used methods that I have read about being out of date. One used a drill without any need (I was not happy).

Afterwards we met some competitors on the train. They had done very well. I looked at their models hands - amazing. They were creative trained.
I do not want to sound smug ... and indeed I am not ... But Creative have earned the reputation they have, and their record of achievement is there for all to see ... A winner at every show in competition for the past 15 years.!!! That statistic alone must say something about the Creative training not to mention how we strive to inspire our students to excel at what they do.

I also have to say that it is not really how the products look on the first day of application that is important .... it is how the enhancement lasts over time --- I think you will find that Creative is way out in front of the competition on that one too.

Glad you enjoyed our demonstrations ... Amanda is a wonderful Creative Ambassador and technician but she is also part of a team of 40 other wonderful Creative Ambassadors and technicians who all know their stuff and train twice a year to make sure that they continue to keep up with everything new as well as the basics. As a company (as well as personally) we are so proud of them all.
Thankyou for all your comments ladies l now appreciate how much creative value their training skills and commitment. and not just putting pennies in the bank like some trainers. where is the nearest creative training to me, i'm in surrey. i'm gonna buy a bright pink piggie bank and save like a nutter. thanks again. Theresa. p.s if you already have the NVQ units 9 and 19 does it make a difference? im a pain in the bum and l can not be cured with anusol!!!
Well that made me smile, Trese!

Creative have a General Number for all training enquiries and it is 0113 275 5719 and ask to speak to an Academy Advisor who will be happy to answer all your questions and to send a pack of information for you to read. Then all there is to do is book onto a course near to you.

Yes if you already have achieved Unit 19 and 9 then you need not do a Foundation Course, you can do a Creative conversion Class ... but the Academy Advisor will tell you al of this. You will also need proof that you have got the award in the form of a Certificate.
...I am so pleased by your positive comments about CND Training! Even though (like Geeg) I am immensley proud of what our Ambassadors do, I do still get a little :oops: :oops: at such lovely feedback; I would always like to SHOUT CND on the board, but refrain because there are other companies represented on the board and their input is valuable and respected.
I feel it is the best opportunity, for newbies to experience a trade show to ask, try, look and see - in other words, don't just take my word for it, see for yourself and use your own initiative!! Ella, I am so glad that you were able to see for yourself just what other companies offer also so that when you make up your mind it is NOT just because one of us from HQ has persuaded you..Like Geeg I am CND through and through and have been for 13 years now but I also respect many other indsutry people and enjoy my relationship with them; I respect what they do even if it isn't necessarily the way we would do it!! Anthony and my's relationship is a perfect example of this!! Competition is healthy but for me and the CND team, education will always be forefront to us because we passionately believe it is the key to becoming a great tek!

Education is not just a program with us....
Please don't take this as sign of not being happy about the day I had recently on a Creative Spamanicure and Spapedicure course.

However, on returning home and looking at the (two!) videos in the man and ped product packs, I see that the tech on the videos not only did a much more detailed massage procedure than we had been shown, but also applied some of the products in a different order!

If you bear in mind that I will no doubt refer back to the video at some stage as I continue to try and improve on what I can offer clients, should I take for granted that the video is correct ......... or that what I had been shown is correct?

I know it may help if I detailed the differences but all I really want to know (following a very happy and pleasurable day on the course) is "can I assume that if I follow the procedures on the video I will not go too far wrong"?

Very happy but a little confused Dee xx
hi dee i have done a few Spa pedicures/ manicures on freinds and family and followed the videos to see which order to apply products as it was to far for me to travel for the spa training.
im sure both ways are fine
all of the products are so luxurious i cant see anyone complaining even if you blaintanly applied them all back to front :D
nickki jonesx
Thought as I am new, I could add to this posting. Over the last few months I have had a peek at your fab site. Been collecting training info from everyone.

Question is whenever I ring to enquire has to the course content, not one company will commit to stating what they are covering and what is supplied.

So if any of you can help :?: it would be fab.

Questions I have asked is cost. kit supplied (what is in it). Will I need to purchase any other equipment to do course. Insurance. Back-up after course has finished.

Left confused, bemused and frustrated. PLEASE can you help
Firstly welcome to the board :D

Secondly, if you call the Creative Training number they will post you a Life Long Learning brouchure, in which you will find details of what the courses are, what they cover, what is (and isn't included), what to expect, what you will achieve, and ALL the costs.

You can also get a similar brouchure from the Essential Nails home learn company, which will give you the same information, but obviously that's distance learning, whereas Creative is classroom based.

I haven't taken my training yet, and when I joined the board I must admit I asked the exact same question (- if you do a search on Training you will find everyone seems to ask the same question when they first arrive) and having read all the posts I really believe that Creative is the way to go.

Good luck
emily said:
Question is whenever I ring to enquire has to the course content, not one company will commit to stating what they are covering and what is supplied.

This is definitely not the case as far as the Creative Nail Academy is concerned. There are 5 people taking calls all day regarding classes in our central booking office. They are called Creative Academy Advisors. They will answer ANY and all questions you may have, as well as sending yu the brochure.

Regarding POOH's question re order of products ... It is probably best to stick to the order shown to you in class although neither is wrong. The video was produced for the launch of SpaPedicure over 5 years ago. Many products have been added to the line and we have found some better/other ways of doing things with experience. The training you recieve is always the most up to date method.
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