Crisis with fibreglass


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Jul 3, 2010
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Hi can anyone help me please? I have been doing fibreglass for 6 years now and recently my clients and my own nails are cracking all over. I thought it was the resin so i got new resin and new activator from the same supplier. I only bought small bottles incase there was a problem, I bought bigger bottles from my other supplier and since have done my own nails with it and they are fine. Has anyone had cracking before and do we think the star nails stuff i bought from the local sally is faulty?
I know you have been doing it for over 6 years so this may sound odd but it's worth going over all the do's and dont's and basics of the application again,
sometimes we slip into bad habbits , or over complicate it ,

It sounds like maybe the balance is off, maybe to thick with the resin or to much of the activator ( brush on with star nails isn't it?)
it might not be one of these 2 it's rare that I get call to use wraps so I'm a bit rusty , and I'm sure someone will be along with a better answer but it is worth going back over it all,

Just as going over your mix ratio every now and then is essential for L&P users.
Thank you for your advice, i have double checked my application and prep work and its all as per my teaching. The resin i use is from a bottle with an extender nozzle. I have opened a new bottle of both resin and activator and did my own nails friday and they are fine with no cracks at all. Having looked at the bottle of activator and resin i used last week on my clients they were both of the old branding and the new branding stuff i am using now is fine. I am starting to think the products i bought from sally are bad in some way. However my clients are being very understanding and i am going to replace all sets.
When you say new branding do you mean the star nails new black labels? Once, not long ago i went to my supplier and they tried to pass some new product ASP as better than Star, and it was Rubbish, I threw it away, Stick to star it's the best fibre system out!!!
Thanks guys since found out the clients concerned picked their nails off and there were no problems with them in the first place! So not able to get used to being taken for a ride by unscrupulous clients!

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