Curling wand - help

Iv had a curling wand bought me..... need some advice on actually howw to use it correctly. my hair is short con gaded bob . just below my ears and the frout.

Iv had a go today but hair seemed frizz and didnt look right. i also burnt my forehead.

Can anyone give me some advice as would love to have my hair curled for my xmas doo'd

*Make sure your hair is smooth 1st of all.
*Section most of your hair up in a grip out of the way, leaving a 2cm thick section at the bottom (if your hair is really thick might be less, if really fine might be more)
*spray a wee bit of hairspray on the section, take a 2cm wide section from this, again as above only now going across the head, clip rest to side
*place wand close to head, handle up at top, end facing down, and wrap the hair around the wand til the end of the hair is at the tip of the wand
* hold for 10 seconds (again depending on hair type and wand heat etc)
*spritz another wee bit of spray on that section
*repeat the whole way across the section of hair
*Take down next section, repeat


thanks lisa82. xxxx thats whats im struggling with is holding the wand up.