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May 13, 2012
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hi geeks. this is my first post so small beads of sweat on my forhead at the moment! :Scared:lol! my question is, is there good and bad customer etiquite? I know some of us can be difficult, but some (like me:o) are just, well, a bit green lol! the reason i ask is that i had recently moved and subsequently needed to find a new salon,i am now happy with my new stylist as she has been very creative with my cuts,but i have been pointed in a different direction regards a colourist. Is this the height of bad manners to go to 1 salon for a cut and another for a colour? my previous salon has always done both, sorry if this seems something of a daft question but im intersted to hear from a professional point of view good and bad costomer etiquette and what drives you guys insane?, i didnt see this the "pet hate" thread,(had a bit of a cringe as i was the culprit of one or two (innocently), xx
Well the client is always right! Lol it's your money if you choose to go to 2 places for cut and colour whos to say other wise, if you like the colour but not cut and vice versa it's your choice . From hairdressers point of view I would be trying to get you to have same done at 1 place x
ah thank you shelli, i would get a little red in the face if asked by the stylist "ah who done your colour?" eeek lol, when i read pet hates thread i have to say i hid behind my screen and had a cringe because i suppose as a customer one takes it for granted,that the professional will "magic" a new idea and that while my query might seem a simple one to me or a suggestion like i have used many times "ok! do something different, i dont know what, but different", i am probably driving these poor guys insane :o
maybe a list of DOs and DONTs should be compiled for us customers sometimes lol
In the end it boils down to this:
The client/ stylist relationship is based on trust and takes time to build.
Each stylist has a strength and a personal way of doing things which a client may or may not prefer.
The client deserves to feel fabulous and has a right to go where they wish.

Personally I would look at my the reasons a client was going elsewhere and establish whether my skills were lacking or my work was under par or whether I had gotten lazy at recommending new styles, techniques or colours to a client and try to make changes.

But if a client just prefers the way someone else does their hair I wouldn't take it personally. But that's just me...

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