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Jan 23, 2004
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Buckinghamshire UK
Hiya everyone!!

i've been lookin at this site for ages now and have to say it's fantastic!! Am still quite new to the industry and have learnt so much just from reading through some of the threads.
Now because you all have so much to share i have a question!!!! I am doing nail extensions at college and have hit a dead end with my assignment. :sad: Basically have to report on the possible damage that can be caused to the natural nail when artificial nails are applied, maintained or removed incorrectly.
The conditions we have to cover include:
Ridges, Infections, softening, thinning and drying/flaking of the natural nail, burning during application, cuts and abrasions, brusing and allergic reactions.
I have managed to cover all of those but we are meant to find 2 more possible conditions to research and i am totally stumped!! :confused: As many of you have lots of practical experience i would be very very grateful if anyone can give me any ideas??
Many thanx :)
Look at www.designernails.com
Click on NVQ
click on element 4
click on Effect of damaged nail plates

It covers all of this assignment for you.
Many thanks, i think that is just what i was looking for :D
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