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May 18, 2010
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Hi all, I have had an account for my home salon with Dermalogica for 7 years and am buying a large salon which also has a Dermalogica account. I think that dermalogica are being a bit greedy in that despite both parties have a longstanding account with them they want me to start up again and pay a large start up fee again which we have both already done. Is this mean or is it standard practise? If so I may look into other options as the town has another Dermalogica salon, in face the area is saturated with them. Has anyone taken on Environ as an alternative to Dermalogica out there?
That does seem a little tight - why would you want a whole start-up package of products if you already have the products?!! The salons I've worked in before have normally just transferred the product account(s) to the new owners, none of them were Dermalogica, but they were high-end skincare & nailcare ranges.
OMG! That is really bad ... the "Salon" has the account, not the person. All your doing is in effect moving ... yes upgrading from home salon to high street, but that is all.

I'd almost want to tell them where to go for clearly not caring about there therapists.

I must admit, the more I read about them the less interested I become in them as a brand. Yes there products and training may be excellent, but some of their business practices really put me off!
It seems quite petty what they are asking. If you had moved house and moved your home salon, would they have expected you to start a new account with them? I wouldn't of thought so.
So as an already existing account holder I feel they should just accept it as a change of address.
If not take your business for products to another company, their loss.
I am sure you will get great advice from skin geeks on here. As I cannot advise on skin product ranges.
Best wishes for your new salon.
Lotsa luv x x x x
Did your rep tell you this? go higher.

The account that you already hold should just change address. Don't be fobbed off. They will not want to lose your business, although recently they have not been an easy company to deal with. Maybe they have changed their management, but they are getting difficult lately.
I would double check this again either way you look at it you don't need to open a new account. Your account should just transfer to your new premises and their existing account would then close. When I purchased my salon I just took over the Dermalogica account, there were a few forms to fill out but that was it, I didn't have to do any opening orders.
I would definitely query this with head office as not good business practice in my opinion.
I would think the same as the others.. I could not imagine they would expect this from you. I would definitley say if it was your rep that said this to you I would surely go higher. Give them a call and ask them what is the reason for this and explain your situation. Please keep us posted on the situation. x
Hi all,
Thank you so much for your replies. It was head office that I spoke to today as the Rep should have called me days ago but hasnt. I have left a message later on today for the Sales Manager to call me asap so hopefully he or she will call tomorrow. Will keep you posted. I just thought it was me but for the last couple of years I have found Dermalogica less helpful than they used to be. Thanks again for the support, you are all so lovely on these forums XXXXX
Yes this is VERY mean!
Why? What explaination have they given you? They cant not tell you why they are saying this!
I am really getting dishearten with some companies, I read a thread a while back about Jessica, & I will never use them now. I think Dermalogica is one to add to the "not to touch" list now :sad:

Cant you just stick with your normal account you have & just buy more products from that one?

Or cant the salon just get the paperwork change to your name?

Why dont these companies make things easy? So much for "the customer is always right!" x

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