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Jun 9, 2003
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Hi guys,

I read in Nails this month that there is a new web site that you can custom design your own brush!!!!!!!how cool!!!! :D :D

check it out!!!


Maybe not so cool!!

Maybe what I suspect is a clever marketing trick which will only allow you to CHOOSE one of the many combinations of brush styles that the Europen Nail Factory already make and have been making for nail companies for years!!

You will only be buying something that is already being bought by a nail comany (who will buy thousands at a much more advantageous price than you will be able to). I bet you will find you won't really be designing your own brush, other than just choosing the colour handle you want and choosing the style of head and paying more.
again i agree with what geeg has said.

Take Care

Yep Geeg once again I think your right!!!! After looking into it a bit closer, you can have your comany logo embossed on it and choice of colours.....but thats about it!!!!

Here's to not getting too excited b4 reading about it!!!!

katxxx :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Yep girls,
It's a marketing thingy....................
For L&P Brushes
red sable hair brush
round (european style)
seamless nickel ferrule
black handle aceton protected
size stamped
all colours and styles of handles possible
golden or silver ferrule possible
company name stamp in all colours and styles available (units of 200)
So all you choose is what head goes on what handle lol.............
You can do that with the creative ones lol ................
But who the heck would need 200 brushes just to have they logo on it lol..
except another wholesalers lol.................

love Ruth xxxx
I just get too carried away!!!!!

Never appologize for enthusiasm...................
You never know what you will discover.............
lots of loveRuth xxxxxxxx

Ahhhhhhhhhh I just discoverd some choccie in the fridge lol
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