Desperate for a mobile nail tech for a client in Grantham, Lincs


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Nov 15, 2005
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North Wales
This is my last attempt to find a mobile nail tech in the Lincoln area to pass a client to. I posted a couple of weeks ago with no luck I have also sent pm`s to a couple of tech`s (as advised to) who I thought might be able help with no luck. In brief I`ve a client who this week is moving into the above area and needs a mobile tech to provide her with acrylic overlays, french polish, polish and nail art she is 80 years old hence not very good on her legs she cannot get out to visit a salon and needs a mobile to visit her. She is a lovely client easy going not difficult but does have a few health problems. If anyone is interested please pm me your details so I can pass them on to her she will be due maintenance in 2 weeks (every 3 weeks).

Many Thanks
wish i lived at the above....would love to sit and chat to the lady she sounds soooo lovely xxxx
Thanks she is adorable and some great tales to tell. I cant believe there is not a mob tech in this area. Maybe some good money to be earned for anyone prepared to branch out, you know how word spreads............
thats is why i would love to do her nails as she could tell me some storys!!!!! :) what a shame ......sorry i could not be more help!!!!!

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