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  1. Shauna17
    Hi all, just looking for some advise. I'm doing balayage on a client and she's looking for Carmel tones (I'll post pic below) She's a base 4 all over but I will be doing a light cleanse to lift her up to a 5. I feel 4 can be too dark with light balayage pieces.
    Just looking for suggestions on what toner do you think this pic would be.. I'm L'Oréal trained, so I would be using a Dia-light toner.
  2. Dee5
    There's no pic?
  3. JJH93
    A picture would be helpful as caramel is very different to everyone!
  4. Shauna17
    Oh sorry I thought I posted the pic!!
  5. Shauna17

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  6. Bella93xox
    Don't bleach cleanse the pic is deffo darker than a 5! Balayage, then I'd use 7/7 melted into a 9. I love the contrast with a dark root! X
  7. Shauna17
    I done a strand test pre & 20 and no difference, done another pre & 30 and it lifted to a red undercoat. It's home box colours, it a really heavy flat 4!!! Does that make sense. I going to Effasor with just warm water to lift that heavy dense colour off it.
  8. DanniP92
    You have a bit of a job on your hands. This will probably take a couple of go's if she is a box colour 4 all over.. when I get asked for caramel balayage i usually go for 7.31 mid lengths and 8.31 and 9 on ends to create that caramel blend.
    Try Effasor with 15vol in a ban marie, then see what your undercoat is.
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  9. MabelBaby
    I mixed 7.8 and 7.31 to get a caramel tone

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