Did you get an email about Digi nail art?


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Oct 17, 2005
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Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
I have recently received emails from someone about Nouveau Nails digital Nail Art machine.
I STRONGLY suspect it's solicitation, although the email begins as someone looking to get that sort of service, but they drone on how "it's the future":rolleyes: and they tell you to check out their site.

Should I share the email address with you guys?

It's this one: Nouveau Nails Digital Nail Art Printer -

What cracked me up was that the writer of the email thought he needed to translate "nouveau nails" to me (I'm in Quebec, therefor Bilingual in French and English).

So, first the email was along the lines of 'do you have this... I would come see you'. Then it was something along the lines of 'I went to this place and Sylvester Stalone's brother was getting it done' :rolleyes: (like I really give a rat's butt what celebrity got it done)

Well, if this person was coming to see me and had truly looked at my site, they would KNOW that I don't need them to translate to english for me as my site is bilingual.

It just seemed that the emails were more 'marketing' than actual seeking of services, know what I mean?
certianly looks and sounds like marketing....i think someone put up a thread about buying a printing machine...others said they are alot of money and i think they are...they just want you to buy a machine and i truely believe you DONT need one as your work is brilliant xxx:green:

Well, that's pretty much what I told him.
I told him they were a waste of money and couldn't do anything a good tech couldn't do, or learn to do with less cost and less fuss and less time.
I told him that spouting celebrities names off didn't impress me much as most were half-wits LOL (yeah, not nice of me, but have you seen the tabloids lately?:rolleyes:)

I also told him that not only could a good tech do the same, but a good tech could do MUCH better than that machine AND that I was an artist, NOT a photocopier.

And he seemed impressed that the art lasted 2 wks.
I told him that my art didn't come off my client's nails until I e-filed it off. "beat that" I told him :lol:
hahahaha :lol: you spoke for all us nail tech,s victoria sooo .....THANK YOU ....luv your sence of humor!!!xxx:green:

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