Dipped in Snow Smile Lines


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Feb 16, 2004
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Dublin, Ireland
Hello everyone,

I was out ring shopping yesterday and noticed that a high % of people working in jewlery shops wear enhancements, well there hands are on show all day so I dont blame them.

Any how get to the point - I noticed alot of the smile lines that technicians do are more like a nail dipped in snow than an actual smile line

Mr Geek maybe you should had out your "million Dollar Smile Line" tutorial to people LOL

Linda - what a good place to drop leafelts off - nice new ring then you need sparkling new nails too....
Smile lines are probably the hardest thing to get to grips and perfect within our profession which is why so many cheat BUT if you don't learn how to do them, it's like a surgeon that can't cut:confused: (does that make sense)??? Once you can do the perfect smile, you can do anything really - that goes for sculpting too! If people are really serious about becoming nail technicians then you would think these facts would stand out as paramount to aiding a great business - sadly this more often than not - is not the case -

hey accept for the geeks ?????:o wow I'm on one at the moment!!! :eek:
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