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Mar 4, 2012
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West Lothian
Hi I am redo-ing my consultation sheet to include a disclaimer at the bottom but I am having trouble wording it does anyone have any help or examples?

Like basically to say they have gave true information and if they havent it wouldnt be your fault if something went wrong due to wrong information?

Thanx x
Mines says
I declare that the information above is a true representation of myself and my understanding. I akwnowledge the advices given and agree that if these advices are not followed the extensions may be compromised and the extensionist may NOT be held liable
How bout..
I certify that the information given to the therapist is true and I understand that it is my responsibility to adhere to any advice/aftercare given. I must also inform the therapist prior to any treatment if my circumstances change. If this is not complied with I cannot take further action.

Or pick the bits out you need from everyones ideas xx
How are you doing it? Are you getting them made up or just doing it on your computer and printing them off?
And geeks u have done it again ;) this i have completely missed off my new consultation sheets lol aw well bck to the computer thanks girlies xx

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