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Oct 11, 2015
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I have a client booked in for full head of highlights. I went over to do the patch test and did a consultation whilst I was there.

Her natural is a base of a 7. She has been having bleach highlights with 12 % for a number of years with her last hairdresser. Her hair is extremely thin, while I think it's possibly thinner in texture than most I have no doubt the damage is from the bleach and such a high peroxide. Her desired colour is to stay a clean ash blonde.

The regrowth is less than half an inch and I know putting a foil in this I risk overlapping. I know I need to work harder at getting hold of olaplex but in the mean time what's the best way to deal with this?

She is desperate for her hair to be done before a party on Saturday!


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If she is a base 7 why has her old hairdresser been using 12% That is ridiculous. Sounds like she is in need of some conditioning treatments and may be a few Olaplex treatments before I would even touch her hair
Yikes, 12% on a base 7!

Are you sure it wasn't a highlift tint plus 12%?
The last time she had a darker one put through but before that you can tell one hundred percent it's bleach. I'll see if she can send me a pic of it to show you
Cripes, the ends do look pretty knackered.

If it's really bad, maybe you could offer to do the parting before Saturday so the root growth is less obvious? Then give her some conditioning treatments in the meantime and ask her to come back in a fortnight to see if it's improved at all?

You definitely need to try Olaplex treatments but if she's been having 12% on it, I suspect the cuticle layer is virtually gone and Olaplex can't repair that.
Thanks would you recommend anything in particular in the way of conditioner or is it pointless x
How do you know what she has had previously.....?o_O
I wouldn't expect a client to know exactly what I mix for their hair.
Unless the previous colourist gave over their formula, I don't think I'd take notice of what the client thinks they had!

Why not use easi mech, you can get it really close to the root with out risk of seep....
also, you can check development without having to 'disturb' the hair.;)

Personally.....I think this client need to rethink her colour.
It just doesn't look good....and definitely give it a good cut!:p
Olaplex stand alone treatments and conditioning treatments will definitely be helpful as they cross link the disulfide bonds in the hair. You can follow with conditioning treatments after to address moisture and protein, as Olaplex does not address those issues.
I agree with Ab, she NEEDS Olaplex, you can see breakage thru out her hair shaft. And she can have protein treatments like Redken Extreme Treatment which has a great protein from a vegetable source that won't make her brittle and that will fortify the mortar around her hair ( the brick wall).
I'd be doing Olaplex in her lightener and ONLY use 20vol, you can get a NL-7 up to that pale blond in 45 minutes to 1 hour with lightener + 20vol.
Slow & steady wins the race!

-Mags Kavanaugh, a Stylists 911
I just can't get hold of olaplex I'm based in Stockport
Buy on line from STAR QUALITIES. :)
What hairdresser uses bleach and 12% seriously she needs to stop hairdressing whoever it is lol
I just can't get hold of olaplex I'm based in Stockport
You may purchase through Star Qualities or Ashton and Fincher

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