Do you offer a cuticle oil refill service?


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Do you offer a cuticle oil refill service?

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Aug 31, 2004
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Valencia, España
One of my clients was short on Solar Oil a few weeks ago and I didn't have any new bottles with me so I offered to refill her existing bottle from my pipette bottle...

When I went back to see her last week she asked me for another bottle of Solar Oil when I next visited OR to refill her like last time... this brings me to my question...

Do you offer a refill service for cuticle oil or do you encourage clients to buy a new bottle every time?
No Sandi i dont....but ive heard of others that do....

Ive never had any clients ask for re fills,just repeat purchases:)

Im not sure if i like the idea of doing that...:confused:
It just looks unprofessional to me,i dont feel comfortable....:rolleyes:...maybe i should give it a try:lol:
Initially thought the same as you Gabi, but after thinking about it some more I decided that the oil in my pipette bottle was no different than the day I bought it (ie not come in to human contact as it's a pipette) so why not offer the refill service and not only save my clients a few 'bob' but myself too as it's cheaper to buy the larger bottles than it is the smaller ones.
And you are being green re using the original bottle instead of a new one each time thus reducing your carbon footprint!Thats got to be a good thing:)
And you are being green re using the original bottle instead of a new one each time thus reducing your carbon footprint!
On the one and only time I've done it... yes :green:

Do you do it Sam?
Sandi I do it for clients that are actively using their oil- It helps me out in the long run labor-wise, but if they arent using it and want a refill 3 months later they have to buy and waste their OWN money not mine lol. But I give out the tiny bottles and refill those if they use them as prescribed... :)
No as I dont do enhancments but I think it is a very good idea.
To be honest Sandi, its is something I hadnt thought of, however what a great idea. I have had problems getting my little solar oil bottles the last few weeks.

I work in customer services also at Next Directory and so many of my colleagues are loyal fans of Creative solar oil, (we all have our minis on our desks) I have 2 large bottles in the salon of Solar Oil (one unused) I will now offer a refill to clients and colleagues... Great idea and how green too :hug::hug:
I dont offer it, but i think its someting to look into would be really good for the environment and thats a huge plus for everyone!
I retail my own home-made oil.
I offer refills at 1$ less than the cost of a new bottle.
Why waste packaging, PARTICULARLY when our environment is so polluted???

As long as it's done correctly, avoiding any cross-contamination....
I think it's the smart, conscientious and ethical thing to do (ethical referring to our polluted planet)

just my 2cents :hug:
I've done it on occasions - usually when I haven't got any new ones on me (being mobile)....... Works well!
What a fantastic idea, thanks, consider me converted!!!
I've done this for about 4 months now & my clients are happy for me to refil them for them as it saves both time and money, especially if i havent got any of the pinkie bottles in stock or am waiting for a delivery and they run out, I usually knock a pound off the original price of the first bottle and they are happy to do this.
My large bottle has only ever been used with the pippette so now X contamination.
Didnt think about it being "GREEN" woooooo helping to reduce my carbon footprint and didnt even realise it!!
I do this for my clients too I think that it is an indication that they are looing after their cuticles and keeping them noutished and it gives them something back and builds that work/client relationship going
Since we are a CND School, we buy direct in bulk quantity so it's easier for us to refill than keep a large stock of small items on hand. We give a little discount to encourage our refill clients which enables us to rotate through our stock quicker.

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