Do you play music?


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Apr 13, 2004
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Anchorage, Alaska
I just got a CD player for the treatment room as many of my clients complained it was too quiet. What sort of music is good to play?
I always have music playing in the background, mostly radio but i have a juke box on my computor and the clients pick their own....They love it

I too mainly listen to the radio, have been listening to Dido recently though which was a present and find that quite nice to listen to not too heavy x x
Norah Jones is good, very chilled out, I also play brasilian music, portuguese, outback australian. Anything I can chill too, no dolphins though please.
I play David Grey, Counting Crows, Norah Jones, Train etc - all chilled out stuff that acts as background music and doesn't take over!!!


G. x
Hi Girls

Dont forget if you are playing music to customers that you should obtain a public entertainment license!!

I think it is terrible that you have to pay vat on cds then have to pay extra to play them in the salon.

enya and chanting monks are nice
Heidi how does it work if you work from home?

Stupid question i

I have a computer in my room and always put a radio channel on there.
I mostly play smooth jazz but depends on the client coming and the treatment i am giving. If its a tan on a younger person for example i will play maybe a pop channel etc.
One thing i did notice is that the slower the music the slower i was working so have to watch i dont fall into a relaxed state as
I play "Spa" music-- no words, just soft, slow relaxing music--- Enya, David Arkenstone, Kenny G...

great for the client to "listen" to and relax...

me- I just "hear" it, but not listening-- if I did, I'd get sleepy like them!

I prefer no words in the music-- leaves their thoughts relaxed and open..

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