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Mar 11, 2003
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:D We want to know why(reasons for choosing to work from home), when (since 1989? since I birthed my twins in 98?) , how,(did you have to do renovations in order to work from home?) Are you enjoying it? Or-do you wish you were in a salon? If you are a Parent, do your children respect your place of business? Does your hubby/wife hang out in your nailroom? (because of the plush chairs?) Tell us all about it. People who work from home are very intrigueing-did I spell that right? to me.

Hi Brenda Lee

I work from home and I love it! 8) It means that I can hang my washing out in between clients !!! :D I have only just started working from home as I've not long had a baby and as he is only 4 months old he's not old enough to be running around and terrorising all my clients!!

As for whether I prefer working in salon I honestly couldn't tell you as I've never worked in a salon. I suppose it would be nice to work with people who are equally as geeky as you are but at least at home I get to spend time with my baby in between.

My 'salon' is an extension at the back of my house. Fortunately, it was already there when I bought the house and I always that use for it in mind. My husband generally stays in the front room and watches the television but if he knows my client well then he'll come out and have a chat.

I hope this is intriguing enough for you :D
As far as the reason for working at home. It's the KIDS. They understood what it was like when I worked "outside" of the home. Not much quality time was spent with each other. :( I njoy working from home. First the kids are only in pre-school and one of the reasons I chose this career path (the main reason is I LOVE nails) is so I could work from home to be with them. Second supper actually gets cooked on a somewhat regular basis. Third, my husband works two full time jobs and I would never get to see him if I worked out of the house.

I haven't got the perfect set up but it works for now. I hope to fix things in the future. My kids have really respected my "area". The rest of the house is another story however. They know they are not allowed to be around my station except when it's their turn. And yes my son (3) wants his nails done often. My 5 year old daughter has the best manicured nails in the entire preschool :D

I may this summer try to get a job in a salon only a day or two just to build up my clientel. But it isn't a problem if I don't. :?

One of the added benifits was a TAX Time. A big help! :thumbsup:

Anyway that's my story.
:D It seems that "quality time with our children" seems to be the underlying theme of working from home for the 3 of us. I wonder what other techs will have to say? I agree that The tax advantages are great! My whole prob at this time is that I want everything to be "perfect". I used to have a shop in town. I moved home and I need to have a path built (I live in the woods, very hill-ee too.) from the front of my home to the room I've selected for nails. I also have to turn the window of this room into a door. Once that is all done, I'll be up to "code" for my state. This room which is in my basement is so nice. It has a very nice bathroom as well. Sometimes I look at it & want to use it for a guest area instead. (since all of my family is in Philadelphia and S.C.) I have the option of enclosing my deck, putting heat/air in there and getting a door to lead to the bathroom built . I love that idea because it overlooks the woods & it is sooooooo lovely because we are up pretty high, on a hill when on that side of the house. Whats holding me back presently is money! It all costs money! Wish my husband was "handy" but he's a corporate guy. So: we have to pay someone to do most anything. Working from home is still the best option for me because I also home-educate my children. However, I'm always lookin for a lil' shop to work out of so I can get all this stuff out of my house!! LOL! I tell ya, if I could find a little commercial spot, just for me at $250.00-$300.00 per month, I'd jump on it! I sometimes feel it'll be easier that way cause I won't have to save up to get renovations done so I can comply with stateboard.I know, lots of techs just get started at home & do not worry about stateboard until they have to. I have "issues" working that way. I like everything to be on the "up & up" with everything that I do. My MIL is a cosmetologist & runs a very profitable business from her home. She always has. She just set up business has been doing it for many years. (She is licensed, her home isn't though shh, shh, don't tell on her. She's old now. ) Meanwhile, I'm working on my renovations, bit by bit! step by step.
Blessings! :D :rolleyes:
Hi there Mrs. Brenda!...Im going through the same thing you are. Cant work away from home because of my son. I want to work "in" my home...but that isnt gonna happen..just isnt enough room. So what im doing is going out and buying me one of those portable buildings. You can get a nice size for 1,000 and up. Or you can go for a small size and it will be alot cheaper. I want a 14x14 but i would settle for a 12x12. Even though i will be getting a building there will still be alot of work that has to be done. Like putting a bathroom in, insolation (sp?), paneling, and carpet...then of course all my decorateing and furniture and supplies...whew that sounds like alot LOL gotta do all that wireing etc....i know its gonna take some time...but when its done and ready to open it will be mine! one can take it from me and the only way i would be forced to close would be by state board. hopefully that will never happen. And then if my biz doesnt work out..i could either rent it out or use the building for other reasons. And i could always sale my products. To me this is better than going out and paying all that booth rent every month. Dont have to worry about wheather if your gonna make the payment for that month or not. I booth rented before and i just didnt like it. I was seperated at the time and was barely makeing it. I dont want to have to struggle at something i enjoy doing. If it goes well then thats GREAT!! and if it doesnt then atleast i can say i tried. Just gonna be a long road getting there. Even getting the building ready is going to be a long road!! LOL...But i will be there one day :D
... I can't believe that you gals on the other side of the pond have to have your home premises comply with state board regulations. Whilst on one hand I can see the need for 'proper' premises such as ventilation etc quite personally I don't know if I could put myself through all that upheavel :?

My clients are more than happy to use my toilet and bathroom (even though it's not decorated at the moment!!!). If they aren't then they just have to cross their legs and wait til they get home :D

I have great respect for you all gals that are putting yourself through such much just so you can do the job you love. I wish both of you all the best of luck.
:rolleyes: They really expect alot from us don't they!!!! Here's the real clinker: Depending on the state that you live in, the rules/regulations/home beauty business standards can be harder or a wee bit looser. This is the reason so many techs/cosmetologists just decide to buy their supplies & work from home without anyregulatory paperwork turned into the stateboard. They are afraid of the inspection process & all that they would be required to do. In time, I tend to believe that 99% of them will get their "nail or hair room" up to code as they make more money in the business. The problem is, they cannot advertise until they are up to code so it's a catch 22! I still concede that eorking from home is a a true blessing for a Mom. It allows us to wear all the hats at the same time! ;) I became a little spoiled with my 1,000 sq foot shop in town! I guess that's why I want everything to be so perfect!! (I had a full service salon. My specialties were: nails, weaves, wigs,makeup, reflexology & herbology) I'm gonna learn how to post pix one day & show ya some as I pull my home shop together! :)
Guess I am different I work from home also mobile......easier for me from home as I am deaf and my hearing dog gets to sit and watch lol.
My partner also works from home so he is a great help as he can get the phone for me .....he also brings the tea for myself and my clients (aint he a sweety).
I have a massive room on the second floor of my house wich is also my home gym salon set up one end gym the other.
Guess I would enjoy working in a slaon a couple of days a week but I feel more confident on home ground with my hearing or non hearing should I say.
The one thing I find is that I take longer with clients as I have to stop to chat as I lip read so its either ignore and get on or stop for chats and take clients are very good and like to have a chat and dont mind me stopping every now and then.
Well thats it from me and Mullie (my hearing dog and my life)
Take care Dawnie
:D You are quite an inspiration Dawnie! It is wonderful that you have a partner to bring you tea! ;) I imagine your partner is a nailtech or your husband/companion? How long have you been a nailtech? You are certainly computer savvy as well! (I am computer-illiterate :? ) I have a pix of myself on my website. (Another tech did my website his name is Ken) I have tried repeatedly to put that pix on here with the URL and cannot seem to do it!! Anyhoo, I'll just be that person to the L for now! Thanks for posting about working from home. Maybe you'll show us some pix. Maybe everyone will! Guess what y'all: I took a pic of my table!! I hope to take other pix too, as soon as my renovations are at least 1/2way done. Then I'll try to post them somehow/somewhere on the web for you guys to see them O.K.?

Hi Brenda
I have been a nail tech for a year and a half now after finishing a year at college.
The partner I mentioned will be my husband one day as soon as we find time to get around to it lol, he works from hone desighning web sites, fixing pc's and also teaching you can guess where I got my tuition from for the pc.
Take care Dawnie

I also work from home. This time last year I was using my sitting room, now we have moved and I have a dedicated room at the back of the house overlooking the garden. It gets sun in it, so later on this year it will get a wee bit hot, but on the the other hand it's very relaxing and has a warming feel to it. Over Xmas we (me and hubbie) painted it a lovely lilac colour, added spotlights, an extractor fan and added shelves. Now it has a very professional feel to it (just got to overhaul me now!).

My main reason for working from home is my girls (4 and 6). It works perfectly. Unfortunately they do not regard the studio as off limits, and Charlotte (youngest) is always entertaining my clients. I sometimes think that when she starts school, I'll lose half my clientelle :D She has been known to jump in my chair if ever I get up! She knows exactly what to do.

I did mobile for about 8 months after I qualified, but found I was always chasing my ass:shock:

Husband is very laid back about it all and just doesn't get involved with it, other than any diy jobs.

:) That is so cute, the way she entertains the clients!!! We all have to post pix one day! (or have them on our websites) I can imagine the lavender color being quite peaceful & pretty for your clients. And, the garden- sounds lovely!

Hi BrendaLee

I work from home (as you know :) )

I have been qualified since 1999 and working from home on and off since then.

I have worked in two salons but found my perfectionism and high standards didn't really fit it. I wanted the best for my clients but things out of my control (hairdressers, environment, receptionists, etc) didn't allow for the standard of service I wanted.

I have been at home now for about 18 months and my clients love it. My partner knows the salon is off limits for new clients but once he knows them they enjoy him popping in for a chat if he's home. He always makes yummies coffees and hot chocolates for us as well so thats a plus!

As far as littlies popping in... my 2 little ones (the furry kind - my cats!) don't know any boundaries! They come in and talk to my clients who adore them. Some of my clients even have to go into my backyard each visit to say hello to the dog. The cats have learnt to keep away from my nail table for health reasons (I don't think they like the smells) but if a client is waiting on a lounge chair they will rub around them for a pat.

Crikey, all these lovely husbands coming in for a chat and serving tea and biscuits, my one disappears off to bed without a bye or leave :D

Having said that, he's still damn fantastic ;)


Ps. If only he knew what I say about him on the board :shock: :rofl:
hi. i have a home salon, converted from our double garage for daughters playroom - painted it a nice jade green with lilac furnishings/rug/curtains etc - then stole it from them for dalon- he he)
They now have the spare room i was using upstairs so they havent lost a playroom really i'm not that mean!!!

its got laminate floor which is really nice too.
I work from home to purely fit in with daughters. Paris 12 & Chanel 9 there is a shop vacant in my village but i keep putting off going for it as like someone said i can get the washing out and my youngest (daughter!!!) can go on her motorbike in the paddock and i can see her. even though i have a really nice room i do worry about profesionalism. i have nail desk filters all the proper equipment and always wear my whites but i still feel a little inferior to the big ole salons!!!
Another problem (which i was warned about by a hairdresser freind as she has similar probs) was neighbour's calling round. i had a neigbour whom i only say hello to (Not a close freind or anything) turn up on friday night - 9pm - we had just spent 9 hours travelling back from france - asking 'for something to get her acryilic nails off with!!!!!! so thats another problem i forsee - people dont really respect 'opening hours' when you work from home but i guess its 'swings & roundabouts'
In fact, my business is not named that but, that is how I describe it. "A salon sanctuary" I describe it that way not only because I am a minister but I like to play lots of Bach, gospel music and instrumental hymns. I play that type of music 80% of the time when I am working. I also feel that I am truly "ministering" to people when I do reflexology treatments.
I think it is so cute that you can see your daughter on her bike while you are working. That in a nutshell is the greatest reward for working at home: Quantity/quality time with our children. Don't feel inferior to the "in town" salons! You have somthing so much more special to offer clients. ;) Privacy, that caring "home-like" feeling mixed with professionalism. That is an incredible combination!!!
:) Blessings,
BrendaLeeNPW said:
:D We want to know why(reasons for choosing to work from home), when (since 1989? since I birthed my twins in 98?) , how,(did you have to do renovations in order to work from home?) Are you enjoying it? Or-do you wish you were in a salon? If you are a Parent, do your children respect your place of business? Does your hubby/wife hang out in your nailroom? (because of the plush chairs?) Tell us all about it. People who work from home are very intrigueing-did I spell that right? to me.


Hi BrendaLee

I started up my own business in May of last year as a new nail technician and I work mobile and from home.

I only have about 8 regular customers but I am enjoying it immensely. I know I have a lot to learn and I am always trying to improve my service to my clients, most of my business has been word of mouth.

I work from my conservatory with a water feature and relaxation music with candles burning to give a nice relaxing experience. I find after a client has sat for 2 hours (sometimes it takes me this long to do a maintenance, or new set of nails - although I am getting quicker) they need to feel relaxed and comfortable. I also offer a hand and lower arm massage lasting about 10 mins (I charge extra) at the end of each treatment to melt away any stress.

I am in the middle of revamping my price list and feel that some of my prices are a bit too cheap (when I started I felt obliged to be cheaper as I was inexperienced, but now I feel more confident I may put up my prices slightly). I dont know if you feel this is OK to do yet, or leave a while. I charge £25 for a full set (mobile) but give a 10% discount if they come to my home.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Mobile Nails (Do you think this is a boring name, I maybe was a bit hasty at the time but felt it was to the point
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