Dodgy looking email from 'stixie beauty'?


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Aug 30, 2015
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I've received an email from a company called Stixie Beauty saying my order has been shipped... But I haven't ordered anything from them or ever heard of them before!! They had my correct name and home address in the email which is very odd! I've checked my bank account and nothing appears to have gone out that I don't know about which is good but I'm just worried someone's used my account or something and I've no idea how they got my details or if I should report it to anyone :-/
Has anyone else had anything similar? X
Very odd.

They're an unauthorised distributor based in California, like Beverley Beaute so I'd be wary of buying anything from them.

Seems odd that they have your correct email and address though so maybe they've illegally purchased a data list of potential nail customers?

I'd ignore it for now.
They're not an unauthorised distributor. They are an authorised US distributor who shouldn't sell to the UK. It is different.

I think the mystery will be more simple: an outstanding beauty order on ebay or amazon.

They don't trade under stixie beauty on either site - names such as "fantastic nails" etc.

They're not harvesting information or doing anything suspicious. They're just letting you know your order is on its way.

The OP is in the U.K. and they were supposedly posting her order to the UK so that's why I called them unauthorised.
I wasn't trying to undermine your post.

"Unauthorised distrubutor" suggests they procured their stock illicitly or aren't selling genuine stock at all. So I think it is important to be clear that neither is the case & actually they are authorised to sell stock; just in the US only.

Evidently they do trade under stixie beauty; but also trade under many, many, other pseudonyms hence the OP not recognising the sender's name.
I haven't ordered anything from them though, and they emailed me on Friday and said my order had been dispatched on 11/6/2015! So it's on it way apparently :-/ Very odd indeed.
Will just ignore it and and keep checking my bank balance!
Maybe they got my details from somewhere and it's a ploy to get me to follow the link to their website in the hope that they'll gain themselves a customer! Who knows.
Thank you very much for your comments I appreciate it :) x

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