does anyone know??


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Jul 14, 2007
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After putting up a sign in a local music shop i am now doing the Playing hands of a few string instrument players.. ((It was really just a cool way to meet guys hehe but it payed off))
I had one of my clients ask me if it was at all possible to find steel tips? Im not sure of where to look or even if this would be possible.. I know that you can get gold and silver plated full nails but i always thought they were the stick on variety.. Im after something that would be used in conjunction with L&P that wouldnt "mess" with the sound of the steel strings..
The tips i am using now are from my local suplier.. and are pretty durable.. but i thought it would be worth throwing my question out there to see what you guys and gals think of my clients question as i told him i would look into it!
cheers all..
Nail Art Display

This company does metal nail tips but to be honest I think they're only for display purposes. I'd worry about the effects on the natural nail if one of these was put on then broken off.:eek: I also think they'd be a nightmare to file!:eek::eek:
Congrats on an ingenious way of meeting cool guys though. That's really thinking outside the box!:wink2:
Hmm I dont think i could work these.. I had more in mind the flexi type stainless.. but you are right.. cutting/filing would be a problem..
anyrate... was just a thought.. thanks for your reply, its always good to think outside the box.. never know what you can come up with.. The boys i do have black sculptured tips over nn, gives them added strenghth on their 2nd, 3rd and 4th finger.. one has tips as he can't grow his nails and this is the one who wants steel tips. I'll just keep thinking!!

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