Does anyone use Foxy hair?


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May 9, 2012
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Hi all I've just had my sample of foxy hair come and its gorge does anyone use it x
I've used it and it's fine Hun, I'm about to have some put in my own hair. For low budget it does the job x
I had a sample come today and it was gorgeous hair but it's a toss up between foxy and lush-us ...the foxy sample was better x
I still prefer lush-us to foxy as their products, after care and hair is just as good plus there fantastic customer service. :)
Can I ask how u test the hair ? I mean other than fitting it and wearing it ? X want to try out a few but unsure on ways to test ? X
I'm new to all this but I'd say yes just having someone to have them in for you to try is the best idea ....I'm dying to have some Balmain double hair in to test but I don't know anyone that can do it x
Yeah sometimes having them in and testing is the only way to see. Poor quality hair is stripped in acid baths and then coated with silicone to look and stay smooth. This is washed off after several washes so there is no way of seeing it until a bit after. I usually look at it under a microscope as well as you can see if it is cuticle correct, if it has cuticles and somewhat the quality.
Lush us, foxy and hai planet are classed as low budget and they are probably stripped with acid bath etc however they last 3 months and are alright for the price as long as your clients use correct aftercare xx
My main supplier will b Balmain this is what I trained with ...I just wanted to offer a less expensive alternative too ....x
My main supplier will b Balmain this is what I trained with ...I just wanted to offer a less expensive alternative too ....x

This is exactly what I did, trained originally with Balmain, but found because of the cost business was slow, dud some more courses with other companies and to know the hair, then offered lower budget, but would you believe 4 out of 5 now have Balmain!
I'm hoping for the same outcome I love Balmain hair ...I've just coloured some violet todo a colour flash and it turned out gorge can't wait to put them in....I just can't decided on the other hair to use x
I actually have foxy in right now to try them I usually fit Balmain also! I have to say they felt fine for the first few weeks then after that they tangled up to the point I can barely get my fingers or a brush through them! I'm having them out soon they are a nightmare I'm having to treat them everytime I wash them!!

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