Does anyone use Nailtiques?


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Aug 11, 2007
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I am considering using Nailtiques to carrying out my manicures and pedicures and wondered if anyone else using this product? I trained with them back in 2001 and remember them being a good product but I wondered what their reputation is like now and whether they are a recognised and reputable product to offer my clients? The rep called me today and said it would cost £277.00 for a mobile starter kit which includes loads of stuff, I think its worth the money.
i trained this year with them and found their products great and the other products that grafton do are amazing especially likepumice.

i trained with nailtiques in 2005. i absolutley love the products.

i am just setting up my own mobile nail business specialising in nailtiques and orly products which are both produced by graftons international.

what was included in the starter pack? it sounds good for setting up, something i could do with. are there any other packs?

x rhi x
if you contact them they will let you know what packs they do. i think there are a few different ones.
The starter pack that I am getting contains all kinds of products. I joted them down when I was on the phone to the rep, here's what she said -
1 each of the 1/2oz formulas 1,2 and 3
1 1/4oz formula 2+
1 1/2oz cuticle oil
1 16oz cuticle and hand conditioner
1 4oz moisturiser
1 4oz cuticle and hand gel
1 16oz non acetone remover
1 work station
1 towel
1 manicure bowl
10 nail files
100 nail polish remover pads
A pack of consultation cards
25 leaflets
1 aftercare kit for artificial nails
1 16oz avocado foot cream
1 formula 1 kit
2 formula 2 kits
1 formula 3 kit
2 1oz cuticle conditioner
2 1oz nail polish remover
She said a few other things but I couldn't write it all down!!!
Seems relly reasonable for £277.00 including VAT
why not call graftons for a full list on 01827 280080?
I've never used Nailtiques before, but have a friend who swears by it.
Its good to hear some good feedback about them because I am sending the cheque off tomorrow and I was worried I may have made an impulsive decision!!!(I don't tend to do impulsive!!!) Can't wait to get my stock now. I've just purchased a really nice manicure station and chair - I can smell the plastic burning from my credit card, I do hope I make all this money back!!!
I have used Nailtiques for two years now and swear by it. The formulas are second to none as they do what they say they do.
The nice thing is that you are also giving a prescription the client knows that you have thoroughly assessed his/her nails and have treated them accordingly.( Not just using a set range.)
I fill out the prescription at the same time as the consultation card and then when they leave I give them a little bag with the prescription sheet,a brochure on the products and samples if i have them.
The reason for this is I dont like to push sales on people and if they go and have a read up and are not pressured they come back and purchase anyway ...and with Nailtiques you can always be assured that u are selling what is best for there nails.
It is also a very quick manicure precedure as most of the treatment is done at the same time ...not one hand then the other and so forth
Quicker than my message anyway !!!sorry ill clear of now :lol: x x hth jo:hug:

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