Does Nioxin really work?


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Feb 21, 2012
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Has any one tried and had experience with nioxin products? I have been using system 4 twice a week and using the nioxin diaboost every day (other than the two days I use the system 4)

Will this make a difference to my hair as I read you are supposed to use system 4 everyday but I don't have time and don't really want to wash my hair every day.

I have only used these products for a week and feel the diaboost product makes my hair seem thicker but does it actually do anything to my hair- does it actually make it thicker or just appear thicker (as am I going to always use this everyday as it's expensive)

Would really like to hear peoples opinions on these products as am trying to get my hair thicker and in good condition. I also get a olaplex treatment once a month.
I'm also doing system 4 on my own hair now for about a month and iv found my hair is getting thicker... And that's even without the diaboost... Have you tried a nioxin dermabrasion? I offer them to my clients and also had one myself recently which felt amazing afterwards.... It's defo a long term commitment
My friend lost her hair due to an unknown illness and she used the Nixon system, not sure which one though, and now she has lovely long thick hair now like @ArabianBeauty said it's not something you see results from straight away it takes a while x
Thank you for your replies, I will continue to use them and see how I get on. I have seen the nioxin dermabrasion mentioned on here a few times so will defo give that one a go too. X

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