Doing my first car booty, today!


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Jan 6, 2012
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I must be crazy been up since 5 and a bit worried my stuff won't sell I got a whole load of kids stuff and my clothes and shoes, everyone else has household stuff, and I am by myself! Well got to wait till 9 till buyers start flocking in.
Im sure you will easily sell stuff especially kiddies stuff eveyone seems to buy loads from car boots for the kids :) have fun! x
You'll be fine .... And prob too busy to read this now it's 9! Keep rearranging your stock so it looks fresh and say hi to anyone who comes and has a look through after they've been there a couple of mins it sometimes breaks the ice !!

Good luck and have fun!
Love car boots! Nothing to worry about your stuff will sell, you may become addicted though! I am off to a car boot today with a friend just to look around though, just emptied my change pot! x
Hope it went well hun :D Love car boots - my first and only one i did as a sale, i made over £185!! xxx
Hope it went well hun :D Love car boots - my first and only one i did as a sale, i made over £185!! xxx

wow you must have had some good stuff!

We do one occasionally and its more like 40 - 70 £

Prettynailsrock - how did it go? x

sorry for only just getting back to my post, have had a manic day thanks for all your messages.

My first car boot sale went really well considering it was new and there was only a few buyers and sellers ended up making £80, but still came back home with a car full off stuff, going to do it all over again next week i am actually looking foward to it, but will bring someone with me next time for a bit of company.
oh and just as i was about to leave another sellers car battery died so had to give her a jump start 'my good deed for the day'.

wow £185 that is really good, the car next to me was moaning that they didnt even make back their pitch money.

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