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Jan 11, 2003
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Daventry, Northants (UK)
I had a call today from a girl "Sue" she wanted to make a booking for her sister "Chris" to have her nails done for her wedding on Saturday. "Sue" explained she was helping her sister out by calling round and making bookings for her to get all her bits done.

She said she would call back to confirm after she spoke with "Chris".

When she called back she said "Chris" has already made a booking elsewhere - I asked where if she didnt mind telling me. When she told me, I had to bite my lip - I said oh well thanks for letting me know, I hope she enjoys her nails.

I am now caught between doing the professional thing and not bad mouthing another place and worrying about this girl on her wedding day.

The things I know of this salon are as follows - no sanitiser, no nail prep solutions, two techs work together doing a hand each. They also use e-files - not a problem in itself, but but I have heard of burning sensation and grooves left from this place.

I had two of my clients went there when I was on holidays and one has told me that she has never been anywhere so unprofessional - they mouth off about clients etc, my client was in pain after her nails were done - she said the L&P became very hot and also she has been left with grooves on her nails from the e-file.

How can I make sure that "Chris" gets the best nails for her wedding day without sounding like sour grapes - should I say nothing as I have done.
Hi Fiona,

I would say that if you wanted to "warn" them and tell them what to look for when searching for a nail tech, you should do it when you talk to them during the first phone call, when they are making that first enquiry. Anytime later and it would sound a little pushy, whiney and pushy, IMO. How would you justify phoning them back and telling them "you know, about that salon you're about to go to....".
In your case, you said yourself they were not behaving professionaly by mouthing off about clients and all... so you really can't behave in the same way by mouthing off about them!

It's like those clients we all have who are not regulars, but that you see on a fairly regular basis, if you see what I mean! :rolleyes: They just hop from salon to salon and their nails are not always in the best of shapes. And you have warned them while they were in YOUR chair, you have made your speech, said the right words and.... well, they dont always listen. All you can do is give them your sound advice, but at the end of the day, the choise is theirs.

So I guess what I am saying is, say it now, say it straight away or forever hold your peace!!! ;)
Wow Fiona what a moral dilema!! you dont need to many of those babes :?
mm difficult but i think you must do what you think is the right thing to do.
If i was me and it was just a normal appointment (ie no wedding day to worry about)i would have to respect there uninformed's the girls wedding day hunnie !
i know what i would want the nail tech to do!!
you could give her a ring let her know the score explain that you hope she doesnt mind you calling and being such a moral person you couldnt stand by it being her wedding nails and all!
i wouldnt at any time try to replace that appointment with an offer of an appointment with you unless they specifically ask (or they may well see that as some sour grapes) and if they do then you must explain that this was not your intention for there custom to come your way.
but hey thats just me :D the one that chased a customer down the street as she was speeding away because she had left me £10 too much (she must have thought they where all tenners but one was a £20)
then got indoors and realised that she had not charged her enough for her retail :shock: !! sods law aye
nickki jonesx :D
Hi Fiona,

I must say that I agree with Nickki. If it wasn't her wedding day then it probably wouldn't be worth saying anything but the fact that it is, deserves a little bit extra!!! I would call 'Sue' and just be as friendly as possible and tell them what you have heard about this other salon from clients you have had and not from your personal experiences.

At the end of the day you're entitled to say what you like - you're just trying to give them best advice. Whether or not they take it is a whole different story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your posts, It is too late now to do anything as her appointment was for today, wedding tomorrow.

In the end I remained quiet - rightly or wrongly - I, as Nats said did not want to be as bad as them by slagging off another salon (although they do say things about me - apparently I sit and smoke whilst doing peoples nails LOL - I dont even smoke whilst not doing peoples nails).

I only hope that my nearly client is one of the lucky ones and gets a good job done - there must be some happy clients who go there as they are still trading 18 months down the line.
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