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Aug 22, 2003
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i have a lady who has had 4 sets of l&p enhancements done to date.
but each set she has on start to come off after about 4 days.
i see about 8 ladies a week and i have never evre had this with any of them so i know i prep properly infact i am so thourough its boring.
this lady has a dishwasher she doesnt have a manual job and assures me she doesnt pick her nails.
after the first set came off i did another set for free but i refused on the second set and told her she may be better with a course of manicures to help grow her own nails but she insists on having nail enhancements.
i feel like i am conning her taking money off her when i know she will be back to say she has bad lifting or her enhancements have come off.
i put a new set of naturals on her friday morning and i have just had a phone call to say two have come off WHOLE).
i have booked her in first thing
i cant see that it is me (well i hope not )
i dont work any where near the cuticle with product and i prep properly.
can anyone advice.
is she one of the rare few that is not compatable with l&p (thats the only system i do)
i am at a loss
hiya jo
i've been doing nails for 14 yrs & can honestly say that 99% of my clients don't suffer any lifting.
however.......... :shock:
about 6mths ago, a new client came in & said that she regularly suffered with lifting.
"that's ok " i said, that won't happen any more ( quietly confident!)
2 weeks went by &............
she had lifting :shock: :evil: :shock:
i power preped really well, using scrubfresh, nail fresh & acid-free primer!
nxt rebalance, no lifting (phew)
i don't normally need to use anything more than scrubfresh, but sometimes the extra power can help.
also,sometimes when lifting happens repeatedly, the nail plate suffers, especially if the nail has come off "whole".
then as the nail is now thin and fragile it struggles to hold on to product.
i continued with primer for a few months, but as her nails r now much stronger we don't need the primer.
the problem with lifting is you can get into a catch 22 situation.
hope this helps :D
lol liza xx
thanks for the advice liza.
i keep hearing about scrubfresh and nail fresh but i am not creative trained.
how do i go about getting these and will creative sell them to me.
Hi Jo, I'm not Creative trained but I still purchase some of their products from Ellsons.
cheers ange
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