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Jun 15, 2007
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I may sound silly :o but I wanted to ask you if someone wears enhancements and has dry hands, is it ok for a spa or a solar manicure? I know that water and soak may cause lifting if it is done before you put the enhancements but is it ok afterwards, or in between infills? :rolleyes:
Thank you.
I would say definately to do a treatment of some kind after you have done enhancements. I would leave it 24 hours if you do a full set of L&P, but with gel, go for it. It's similar to using cuticle oil afterwards, you do it because it helps to keep the overlay flexible and also helps the L&P to finish curing properly.
Of course you can do the SpaManicure treatment after a full set application but I would also recommend that you do it a few dys before or a few days after the full set.
Client should use Cutical Eraser every morning and Solar Oil every night and any time in between when she remembers!! Dry skin will be a thing of the past.
I offer Spa enhancements! I cut down the hand soak time and cut out the paraffin wax from the treatment, otherwise it is exactly the same!
Thank you very much for your replies. You are so helpful :hug:

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