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Jan 12, 2004
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Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Hi guys

I'm feeling really dumb here, but could somebody tell me how to use creatives dry & shine?

Just got my delivery and as it's the first time I have ordered this product I popped it straight on to my little finger and well.....is it supposed to look like that? It's gloopy, green and didn't look like it was going to dry so I wiped it off.

I'm missing something here, could somebody fill in the blanks for me???

Thanks in advance:lol:
You apply it as a top coat after the initial coloured polish. Apply it in a thin layer and wait for it to go dull. Once dull you buff it with a swab and it comes up all shiny.

I don't use it so often, but it is a lovely finishing product.
I still used my Super Shiny topcoat when I use to use Shine & Dry......I haven't used it for ages as I love Solar speed spray so much, but it is a great product.
It is a conditioning enamel dryer and shine enhancer.
You lightly brush it on 60 seconds after applying your topcoat...and you don't need to be neat it can go over onto skin as it has skin conditioners in it too. It has an opaque look about it.
When it goes dull then you gently buff with a soft tissue and it bring up a great shine and the polish is dry. HTH
Thankyou both so much, feel a bit of a numpty!

Sam x
Thankyou both so much, feel a bit of a numpty!

Sam x

No need to feel like that I bet loads of people haven't evenheard of this great product. Dry & Shine has hardly been mentioned here on site it is one of those forgotten products .

This thread was like a little blast from the past for me :)

Reminded me of the first time I used Dry & Shine....I hadn't long started in the Salon and I had just done the best french Manicure polish I had ever done!!!....Can you imagine the dread I had before I started buffing the Dry & Shine off, just in case it hadn't worked and I smudged my beautiful polish!!!:eek:
When I saw the resulting shine though I just loved this product and used it all the time.

I suppose Solar Speed Spray just made this job easier as you only have to spritz the nail with it...and the clients love the almond smell.

As I always say though....it is good to have a choice.

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