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Apr 11, 2011
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Been having a look at which one to get and seen the Kupa, but only from America. Is there no English site to buy from? Also, which course is the best? Seen one at nsi but would like other people's opinions xx
I've used Kupa for 12 years n always bought from nsi ... They also offer repair ans services for them xx
Are the ones on there sure Kupa? I didn't think they were x
Do you have access to a Young Nails distributor? Their e-file is a good one!
I bought my file from Young Nails. You get 2 hours training and 2 bits of your choice (I went for sanding bands & safety bit).
It's amazing, my new best friend
Vicki x

Dream Nails by Victoria
Thanks, just had a look at young nails, what other parts would you recommend?
Watching this thread as having similar dilemma.

Unfortunately YN training is only up north (Blackpool or sth!) :/
Nsi's efiles are Kupa that's where I got my Kupa xx
Nsi's efiles are Kupa that's where I got my Kupa xx

Oh are they? That's brilliant news. I've see them on their website but there was no brand mentioned x

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