ECO universal TC turned cloudy on Swarovski pedi-gutted


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Apr 6, 2012
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Bolton, Lancashire
just spent 2.5 hours doing a swarovski pedi using ECO universal UV
topcoat and the last coat (i apply two coats) became full of tiny bubbles, making it 'cloudy'.

the only difference to how i normal do them is that this time i applied glitter (underneath the normal uncured topcoat before placing crystals)

now unsure whether ECO universal is suitable for the new way I do the service as now intend to apply a glitter coat underneath on future applications.

should i be looking at maybe using another similar topcoat (i.e. one which doesn't dull the crystals)? something like ..Glaze n Go perhaps?

am proper fed up now...:cry:
I haven't used the ECO much, but it didn't turn my stones dull at all, just the opposite, in fact. I do have to be careful with my application, though, because it's so thin.. Maybe you applied too much? Or, it just might be the glitter.

Sorry to not be of more help :(
I normally don't have many problems with it, i started using it purely because it didn't dull stones but i've always struggled with it flooding the nail. I guess I've been trying to use it to keep the stones in place rather than rely on the layer that the stones are set into (shellac TC)
I would say you have applied way too much if you have bubbles - it is sooo runny and it is meant to be put on in thin layers.

I've done a min of 2 layers of top coat over my cryatals and have not had any trouble, so long as they are thin layers - you can't use it in thick layers as it will just flood to the cuticle and side walls (after all it is not a builder style gel that stays put, it is a runny top coat).

My first attempt at using it was messy as I applied way too much and it went everywhere lol, less is definatley more when it comes to this top coat. Apply it and then add more layers if you feel the need but don't try to apply thick coats as it is not meant to be used like that and I would think it will not cure propperly when applied too thick.

I can't see how glitter would make any different to the top coats shine - I think you just applied it too thick, and this made the bubbles appear while the gel tried to cure. If it had been applied thinner there wouldn't have been enough room for the bubbles to get trapped in the layer of gel.

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