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Brisa Question and Answer Sheet

To get the best possible results using Brisa™ Gels, be sure to watch the training Video before you start to practice. Many avoidable problems will be addressed by watching the video first.

My Brisa™ UV Lamp is flickering … how can I stop it?
The UV lamps have been kept in a very cold environment so the bulbs need to be left to acclimatise for a day or so before you use it. (The product is just Sooooo new that the lamps are fresh off the plane where they will have been in the hold at minus 30!). Then plug in the lamp, press the reset button (at the back) and then use. If you don't do this, you may get a little flickering when first used.

What is the Green light on the lamp for?
The green light indicates that the High Efficiency UV bulbs in the lamp are still giving out the maximum UV output for compete curing of Brisa™ Gels.

When the green light turns red, how long before I need to change my bulbs in the Brisa™ UV Lamp?
You will have approximately 2 weeks of work time left before you need to replace the High Efficiency UV bulbs in the Brisa™ UV Lamp.

My Brisa™ UV Lamp doesn’t work … what can be wrong?
When assembling the Brisa™ UV Lamp, make sure the High Efficiency UV bulbs are pushed firmly into the housing of the lamp. This can require a very firm push into the housing.

How much are the replacement High Efficiency bulbs for the Brisa™ UV Lamp?

Can I use ANY 9Watt bulb in my Brisa™ UV Lamp?
To avoid over exposure and to ensure a complete cure of Brisa™ Gels, the Brisa™ UV Lamp uses only High Efficiency UV bulbs. The fact that you may use similar 9watt bulbs is not an indication of the amount of UV output of the bulbs. The wattage tells you how much power the bulb needs to run and NOT how much UV output there is from the bulb.

Can I use the High Efficiency UV 9watt bulbs from the Brisa™ UV Lamp in my other UV Lamp from another manufacturer?
The Brisa™ UV Lamp has been developed and the bulbs strategically placed for the maximum curing of Brisa™ Gels. Maximum cure cannot be guaranteed with other UV Lamps.

How can I tell if the gel has not completely cured?
How can I tell if the UV Lamp is not curing the gel?
When I wipe the ‘inhibition’ layer off the gel, the gel is not shiny. What is causing this?
If the enhancement does not have a shiny surface once the ‘inhibition’ layer has been removed or
If the product has dull spots or looks pitted etc. This can indicate an incomplete cure of the gel.

Should Brisa™ Gels feel uncomfortably ‘hot’ when curing in the Brisa™ UV Lamp?
Brisa™ Gels can feel warm when curing in the Brisa™ UV Lamp depending on the condition of the natural nail (i.e. If the nail plate is thinned or damaged) OR if the gel has been applied to thickly. Apply Brisa™ Gels in thin layers if an uncomfortable amount of heat is felt.

I am getting peeling of the gel layers. What is causing this?
Do not remove the tacky ‘inhibition’ layer of gel before adding another coat of Brisa™ Gels. OR make sure the surface of the gel is not too smooth after finishing before adding the coat of UV Finishing Gloss or the White Gel Paint. Always make sure the surface has been buffed with a 180 grit abrasive (which is not old and smooth) and that no oil has been placed on the surface of the gel before adding the UV Finishing Gloss or the White Gel Paint.

My Brisa™ nail enhancements are lifting. What could be the cause of this?
Make sure you do a complete and thorough PREP of the nails prior to application.
Make sure when applying Liquid Bond, that you apply to 2 nails at a time and then take a fresh dip into the bottle - Remember to wipe the brush.
Make sure that no gel touches the soft tissue surrounding the nail plate.
Most importantly, make sure the first layer of Brisa Gel is 'worked' well into the surface of the prepared nail plate. Do not apply like nail enamel.
Make sure you do not apply too thick a layer of gel in zone 3.
Make sure regular maintenance is always carried out in a timely manner.

Can I use Brisa™ Gels using opaque tips?
Using Brisa™ Clear Sculpting Gel or Pink Sculpting Gel over an opaque tip is fine if the shine is removed from the tip first using a 100 or 180 grit abrasive and the gel not applied too thick.

Do I have to use clear tips when using Brisa™ Gels?
Yes, if you use the White Sculpting Gel. To ensure complete curing of Brisa White Sculpting Gel, the gel must be exposed to the UV light for a full 2 minutes from both sides.

Will Creative bring out a less ‘white’ gel for more natural looking tips?
Will creative be doing coloured gels in the future to enhance the Bras™ system?
Yes there are plans for future development of products to add to the Brisa™ Gels system.

How many sets of nails can I expect to get out of the Brisa™Professional Kit? Approx 40 sets.
The Brisa™ Sculpting Kit? Approx. 20 sets
The Brisa™ Overlay Kit? Approx. 20 sets

Why do I need to use Clear Performance Forms© when using Brisa™ Gels?
Using Clear Performance Forms© ensures a complete cure of the sculpted tip.

What is the price of a roll of the Clear Performance Forms©?

Can I use my ordinary forms with Brisa™ Gels?
To avoid overexposure to under cured gel and to ensure a complete cure, it is best to use a Clear tip or Clear Performance Forms©.

How do I clean my Brisa Crystal Touch™ Oval brush or Crystal Touch™ Petite Edge Brush?
Clean your brush by wiping back and forth on a lint-free pad that has been dampened with ScrubFresh™.

Can I use the Brisa™ UV Finishing Gloss over any product for permanent shine?
It is best to stick to your system.

Is Creative planning to release a ‘perma’ gloss topcoat to use over nail enamel?
There are plans for future development of products to add to the Brisa™ Gels system.

Can I use More Than White (NON UV tip whitener) with the Brisa Gels system?
It is recommended that for the best results possible, you use the tools within the Brisa™ Gels system.

I was taught to wipe off the sticky ‘inhibition’ (sometimes referred to as the dispersion layer) in between each coat of my former Gel system? Do I need to do this with Brisa Gels?
It is necessary (to achieve the best results using Brisa™ Gels), to leave the ‘inhibition‘ layer on the surface before adding another layer of gel.

Why do Creative use the word ‘inhibition’ layer, instead of ‘dispersion’ layer, for the sticky residue of gel left on the surface of the enhancement?
Creative always like their technician’s to use correct terminology when working with Creative systems. ‘Inhibition’ layer is the correct terminology to use to describe the tacky layer left on the surface of the enhancement after curing.

What causes the tacky layer of gel on the surface of the cured enhancement?
Oxygen on the surface of the enhancement causes the tacky uncured layer known as the ‘inhibition’ layer.

Can Brisa Gels be removed by soaking?
The strongest gels cannot be removed by the traditional ‘soaking’ method alone.

How do I remove Brisa™ Gels safely?
Carefully thin the enhancement with gentle buffing until thin, and then soak in the normal manner for complete safe removal.

The gel is going hard in the pot!! Why?
Be careful not to expose your uncapped pots of Brisa™ gels to UV light for extended periods of time. Never leave an open pot of gel near the UV Lamp.

How long should it take me to complete a full set using Brisa™ gels?
Once the routine of application and curing becomes familiar to you, a full set of Brisa™ gels will take no longer than a set using products you are used to.

I am seeing some tiny bubbles in the gel. What is causing this?
Probable causes are not priming (working some gel into) your brush before you start to work.
Over working the gel with excessive patting and pushing.
Stirring your pot of gel too vigorously.

How often do Brisa Gel enhancements need to be rebalanced?
Follow the normal customized pattern of maintenance you would for any client using another system.

How do I do a ‘Forever French’ rebalance using Brisa Gels?
Thin zone one as normal and then use the White Gel Paint to redo the smile line and cover the regrowth area. The White Gel Paint has been formulated to match exactly the White Sculpting Gel.

Can I use my normal brush techniques when applying Brisa Gels?
The techniques shown on the training video work wonderfully well with Brisa™ gels, but as with any system, you need to make it work for you. Trying familiar techniques may work for you, if not then try others.

Brisa Gels are hypoallergenic. Does that mean no one can become allergic to it?
Being hypoallergenic simply means that one is LESS LIKELY to become sensitive to a product as the product does not contain many of the chemicals, known to be allergens, contained in other gels. Brisa™ gels do not contain Formaldehyde, gluteraldehyde, acids or acrylates which are common known allergens contained in other gels.
Theses are great to know, I just cannot wait unitl I can get the gel in Ireland. I really hope is is not all sold out before the show in Dublin (april)
WOW your notes are really helpful now when I think of this G Masters Class there's something to absorb before I can even have a chance to stress THANKS HEAPS....... jnail AUSTRALIA
Brisa is easy enough for my students to use VERY successfully, and I am a die hard acrylic user...Brisa is as just as easy for me to use, even for building an arch on a flat nail!!!
Hi, can I add glitter to the gel so i can have the same effect as the glimmer powder in the acrylic range? if so, can you please let me know any tips I should follow.

That's Noice Nailz!
I have heard of this product "More than White", can you get it in the US? and do you know where to buy it? how to use it also? Thanks very much, Fancydnails
hi, i use the brisa u.v. finishing gloss....why does it separate and leave holes, the nails look perfect until i put on the top coat!!!
hi, i use the brisa u.v. finishing gloss....why does it separate and leave holes, the nails look perfect until i put on the top coat!!!
You have to make sure that the surface of the enhancements are finished using a 180 grit abrasive and are also dust free, then apply the Finishing Gloss as if you're putting on a generous application of top coat. If you have 'holes' or pitting on the enhancements afterwards that would suggest either oil (from your fingers or the client's fingers/hair/skin) on the enhancement or too thin an application.

thank s gigi rouse this is a god send for me all this info on brisa's
just rented your book NAIL CLASS from college its ACE

keep up your good work and thanks for helping us all learn CORRECTLY

many thanks

lisa x x x
gigi thanks so much for your posted f asked questions post its really going to help me you know
i just want you to know thaT i appreiciate you helping us all learn correctly

i think u are ace

i was really loking forward to do a course to learn Brisa but did i understand well? They don't have colour gels yet? my few clients don't ask much for a french they like colour gels!!
i was really loking forward to do a course to learn Brisa but did i understand well? They don't have colour gels yet? my few clients don't ask much for a french they like colour gels!!
Brisa have coloured gels, you are able to mix virtually any colour with them.

You might have to register to view the above link, but all the info you could ever need about Creative products is on their website, including step by step tutorials and troubleshooting pages, to name but two :green:
Thanks for all the awesome information about CND Brisa. I have watched the CND video and scoured the internet for answers to my questions as well as called CND, so I hope you can help with a few I don't get. Are you saying that after you apply the coats of brisa gel, you use alcohol or scrub fresh to remove the sticky layer and THEN use a grit file to smooth and THEN apply the top coat? After apply the gel and curing, it is sticky, so they don't show this step. Is it really necessary to use their technique when applying the gel rather than a traditional nail polish type stroke because the brisa gel is pretty thick? What is the difference between the application and fill process of Brisa Gel rather than any traditional non soak off gel? I have all the products and just want to make sure I use them correctly. They have the best colors. Thanks so much for your AWESOME Site! :D

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