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May 11, 2008
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Urmston, Manchester
Unbelievable, my husband has been offered a job in Edinburgh. We currently live in Manchester. We've moved a lot due to my dad and my hubby used to be in the forces. We only moved into a flat this July and still not quite sorted. I also moved salons so starting over again there. Can't believe it though, he's just called and said "how do you feel about living in Edinburgh?" I didn't know what to say. In my mind I was thinking, no! Not another move! If it was back to Spain then maybe, but Scotland! It's probably really nice but I don't feel like another move again just yet.
I suppose we have to go where the work is and it is a very well paid position. Oh well, rant over. Sorry everyone.
I know the feeling all too well, I've just moved a year ago and there was talk of my husband taking another job and I just thought NO WAY! Mine would be the opposite way though, Scotland to England!

However of all the places to go in Scotland Edinburgh would be a good one!

N.B I am however open to moving abroad, New York, Florida or Australia though :wink2:

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